Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday, Brinkley!

Our first born baby girl celebrated her 12th birthday on the 9th! She was quite excited about her candles and hamburger patties and of course Gramma (aka Nana) brought her favorite... Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches (aka 5 for 5). It was a great birthday for her! We love that sweet girl!!

Emma's 7th Birthday!

We had a "HOG" party for her Friday night with the family (actually it was just a Cotton Bowl Party, but she got presents so it counted as a birthday party!)
 This year, we went back and forth a lot, but (thanks to Pinterest) we decided on an art party (with a side of rainbows). The Art Location was a great place to have it. There were several girls helping and they were very sweet. :)
 All set up!

 Happy Birthday to you, cha, cha, cha!
 The birthday girl.
 My rainbow cake. I have since tried to make another one and found out I was just extremely blessed that that one turned out even half way like the picture! My second one looked more like the Grand Canyon than a rainbow. :(
 The kiddos and their masterpieces!
It was a great day and Emma had a great time. She picked Olive Garden for dinner and it was a great end to a great day!
Dear Emma,
At age 7, you are more fun than ever!  You are such a sweet girl. You are very creative and work very hard on all of your projects. You get especially upset if Aiden messes one of them up and I have heard you say "Please don't mess it up, I have worked so hard on that!" You are very emotional and dramatic, but you also very reasonable and responsible. You are far more assertive than me and have actually been schooling me on the subject pretty often lately. ;) You LOVE fashion, make up and are getting more into fixing your hair. You still aren't just sold on the day to day grind of school, but you seem to enjoy it when you are there and have been really excited about being an "AR reader" (LOL! Matt always says that and I told him he was saying Accelerated Reader Reader. Ha!) I have also been so proud of your interest in Jesus and loving him more than anything else (you and A tell me all the time that you love Jesus more than me. :) We all love you so much and are so thankful for the sweet girl that you are. Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Santa came!! REALLY EARLY!
 Bella was really excited about the stockings too.
 Emma got her BIG bear from Santa. YAY! (You know I LOVE when her bangs are in her eyes like this! NOT!)
 Molly! Thank goodness. We were all really sick of Emily crying every night because she didn't have her friend (LOL, that was why Emma decided she wanted Molly instead of Julie Albright). Hopefully Kit won't start crying for Ruthie. ;)
They also got to open their gifts from us. We like to do 3 per kiddo (like the THREE wise men brought THREE gifts) so it didn't take too long. So at 5:30am, we loaded up and headed to Matt's Mema's for Christmas there. The kiddos got bigger bikes. (I love Mema's shopping method - she just gives me money and has me get what I want. So I get the gift of shopping, she gets her shopping done and they get gifts that I know they want! Win-win-win!! Score!)
 Aiden got spy stuff from Nanny and Papa (among other things). But he especially LOVED the door alarm. So now when I go put up laundry, the alarm goes off, unless I can find the card key first! Haha! I LOVES it so it is worth the alarm (for the time being anyway.)
 Emma got more Barbie accessories! The little washer and dryer are so cute!
 And their big presents from Nanny and Papa! The use of my phone has gone down significantly! :)
 Papa (hahaha) getting ready to open the trailer for Brandy, Leslie, and my BIG gifts! I got chaise lounge chairs! They are so pretty and handmade!
Later in the evening (after a little nap) we got to go to my Dad and Bev's for some very yummy spaghetti and fettuccine Alfredo. Here's my (CANCER FREE) Dad with his new camera (aka retirement hobby!)
 Granny Bev with the kiddos passing out presents.
 Aiden doing some post Christmas playing.
 Emma with her new Barbie stuff. :)
We had a great Christmas. It just seemed to go so FAST. I know next year my goal will be to really SLOW down and not book so many activities. We seemed to have a lot of talks about Jesus and tried to do some service for others and the kids were even baptized, but I don't feel like I did a very good job of making sure that they knew that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Granted, they walk around telling me that they love Jesus more than they love me, but still... I hope we can do better next year or maybe even Easter. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve!

We started off the morning with Christmas at Nana's house.
 The kids even got to go on a little hunt to find their big presents. :)
 After lunch, our family (Karnes side) delivered groceries and presents to a family. It was neat to do that. Later in the evening, we went to my cousin, Kellie's house. Here are the ones who participate in the ugly sweater portion. ;) Actually, my Nana and I made the vests that Kellie and I are wearing when I was little. ;) Good memories.
Cousins. :)
Conner "Tebowing"
No offense, but my Tebow was WAY hotter. ;) I hope Emma marries Tim Tebow. ;) There's just a little age difference.  
 The family. It feels WAY smaller than it looks. :(
 Yeah, this is my Uncle John. He's a superintendant. No really, he is! ;) Hahahaha!! Yo, yo, yo! Word!
Cousins coloring plates. :)
 Taffy = fail.
 Family picture.
Silly couisns.
 Silly girls.
 Aiden with his magic reindeer food. ;)
 Emma with he magic reindeer food. ;)

 They were a little sad about the elves leaving that night, but excited for Santa to come!!
They left him LOTS of food! ;)

The night before Christmas (or a few nights before)

We did our annual reading of The Night Before Christmas. :) We were excited that Terry, Christy, and Maggie went with us! (How did I not get their picture!?) But we had some yummy Mexican food. We played a little Christmas charades.
 Then Brandy read the story.
 Then a little more entertainment.

Class Christmas Parties

Emma's class had a breakfast party. Her teacher is so fun and got lots of fun little activities off pinterest and had several little stations set up for them.
 Aiden even let her paint his face! WOW!!
 Emma with her stocking.
 Aiden's party was after Emma's. He would NOT let me take his picture. Imagine that.
 He REALLY wanted pick his own ornament during the ornament exchange. :( But he liked his snowman. :)

Lots of cute kiddos!!

McConnell Christmas Festivities

We celebrated a week early with the McConnell family since they were spending Christmas in Colorado. :) LOVE their HUGE tree!
 They LOVED their presents. Daddy still hasn't figured out the Bumblebee transformer. Ha!
 Their Elf, "Elf", needed some medical attention. During church (aforementioned BAPTISM church) Aunt Christy found the sneaky little thing in her purse!! LOL! So we got the giggles during church. Then she touched him! GASP!! Emma and Aiden almost freaked about him losing his magic. We told her that it would be ok. He might just have to go to the North Pole hospital overnight.
 He was much better by the next night. And good thing because it was cookie making night! Granny Bev got them started.


 And Aunt Christy also found these awesome microphones that made their voices sound like elves. I use the term "awesome" loosely. Haha! No really, they were cute and lots of fun!!
Fun times for sure!!