Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Very Victorian Christmas in St. Charles

So... for YEARS my mom has been asking us to go to St. Charles for Christmas. And it is just so hard to fit it in this time of the year, but this year we prioritized and made it happen! It was SOOO worth it!! Thanks, Mom! And my cousin (like a sister), Kellie and 2 of her 3 kiddos went so we had a car full and it was a BLAST!
They have all these characters (THIRTY-THREE) who walk around the little town and you basically hunt chase them down to get their trading cards. But they don't all just hand them out and that is it, some of them you have to WORK for it to get their card! This was Santa Lucia and the back of her card tells about her (she delivered food to the poor and wore a wreath of candles to light her way).
 I'm not sure who is dragging who, here! Nana was pretty excited! We crossed the street so many times! I can't tell you how many times I yelled "look both ways!"
 And here is the infamous Jack Frost! He was the character we most looked forward to finding! He got on to me for taking his picture before he was ready!
 He made Katie Beth shake a strangers hand and she did NOT like Jack Frost after that!
 The whole town was decorated so cute! And they had lots of little cute shops. And one very enthusiastic hot chocolate salesman! ;)
 Emma the caroler!
 The Scandanavian Santa. His goat knocks on your door and Christmas and if you've been good, they give you gifts. If not, they hide in the bushes after they knock and then laugh at you! Haha!
 Scottish Santa. He really liked Aiden's name!
Here's our cards! We did get all 33!! I can see 3 of one in this picture so I am missing some of them, but you get the idea!
We searched EVERYWHERE for Ester Lange! She was the town photographer (second row from the bottom on the far left in the red jacket and green scarf). We finally found her lined up for the parade and she took our picture!! You can see it here!


  1. How fun! I have a stupid question (maybe?!?) --- is this St. Charles, MO?

  2. LOL! We live here in historic St. Charles, so glad you had so much fun! I feel blessed to live here and be able to visit all the time. Our nephews came to visit last week and even though it was FREEZING outside, they had so much fun collecting cards from all the characters for hours. Then we had cut it short b/c one needed his asthma treatment and they were so upset they didn't get all the cards, I just had to go downtown yesterday to collect the rest and plan to surprise them. The characters cracked up when I told them why I needed 3 of each card (sure they were like yeah right).

  3. Oh, yes, and in reply to the last comment, I can tell from the photos that yes, this is St. Charles, MO :)