Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Elves on the Shelves...Rudolph and Buzz

On December 1, Buzz and Rudolph "landed" back at the Evans home! First things first because Jesus is the reason for the season. ;) 
 The next day... they were at the drive-in movie, watching Miracle on 34th Street. (aka the BEST Christmas movie EVER!) Aiden was NOT excited about a Barbie being in the Jeep with Buzz.

 Here is my little Elf on the Shelf. Her school had a Christmas Spirit Day and she wanted to be an EOTS. ;)
 The next day, we found out that Rudolph is a GIRL! So just ignore the fact that he/she was on a date with Barbie the day before... or don't... we are PC like that. ;)
 Obviously, our Rudy (the EOTS formerly known as Rudolph) got her skirt from Santa when she went home that night, BUT they have EOTS skirts at Target! How cool is that!? It is part of the Claus Couture Collection! ;)
 Buzz needed a spa day.
 Yesterday, they "landed" in Aiden's room and Buzz was fishing for Nemo!
 Rudy was riding some horses.
This morning was an EOTS FAIL. I guess they wanted to hang on the curtain rods... This is how I fiound them when I woke up...
 But this is what Emma saw when she woke up. She was like "whew! I'm glad it wasn't mine." How sweet. Acutally, she was then really concerned about how we would fix him without him losing his magic.
 But no worries, I used my oven mitts so I wouldn't make him lose his magic and just plopped him back up there. ;) Easy Peasy. But he will probably need another spa day soon! ;)
We are excited to see what these characters still have in store for us.

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  1. LOVE! Our Elf on the shelf (Mr. Jingles) gets into all sorts of crazy places too. Today, he made a snow angel in my flour. The nerve! And yesterday he got into my candy cabinet. Those little elves....such stinkers!