Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Making Party!!

Today, we got some girls (and brothers) together and made Christmas CANDY!! We should call this the Pinterest Recipe Party! We just tried a lot of EASY recipes we got from that. Each girl brought 2-3 ingredients and after lunch (and a fashion show), we got to work!
We did LOTS of handwashing! ;)
 This BOY was excited about all the candy. I was majorly rage bolusing and kind of over did it. He has really been feeling his lows lately and I am so thankful. But it is just a tiny bit humerous that he is SO dramatic about it. I hardly ever believe him about it just because he is so over the top about it. And prior to the last few weeks, he didn't really seem to feel any different at 37 than he did at 137 or 337. He just wanted to be low so he could get a snack ("is it a snack number?") But this week he has been telling me and its been great! He even seems to catch them in the higher 60s so we can treat it before it is too bad. I just need to make sure that he tells other people too!
 Here are the candy makers!!
 We had a great time and were so glad they could all come!!


  1. looks like a great time!

    so glad he's catching those lows...big deal!!

  2. You're such a great mom, Leigh! : ) Sorry we couldn't come-looks like we missed out!
    And I love the Snack Number-that's all MC thinks about! haha! : ) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas-hugs to all of you!!