Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Making Party!!

Today, we got some girls (and brothers) together and made Christmas CANDY!! We should call this the Pinterest Recipe Party! We just tried a lot of EASY recipes we got from that. Each girl brought 2-3 ingredients and after lunch (and a fashion show), we got to work!
We did LOTS of handwashing! ;)
 This BOY was excited about all the candy. I was majorly rage bolusing and kind of over did it. He has really been feeling his lows lately and I am so thankful. But it is just a tiny bit humerous that he is SO dramatic about it. I hardly ever believe him about it just because he is so over the top about it. And prior to the last few weeks, he didn't really seem to feel any different at 37 than he did at 137 or 337. He just wanted to be low so he could get a snack ("is it a snack number?") But this week he has been telling me and its been great! He even seems to catch them in the higher 60s so we can treat it before it is too bad. I just need to make sure that he tells other people too!
 Here are the candy makers!!
 We had a great time and were so glad they could all come!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are you ready kids...

This doesn't actually go in this post, but I just wanted to remember our first snow of this year! Last week, we had a little snow. Don't laugh, Amy! ;)
But back to our regularly scheduled post.... Aiden was OBSESSED with his birthday this year! He got to celebrate the Sunday before with his birthday dinner at Nanny and Papa's. He picked pancakes and bacon for his special dinner. But anyway, after that he was COUNTING the days until his birthday and his party and he talked about it ALL the time! "How many more days?"
Throw back to the Big Wheels! Fun times!!
Saturday, we FINALLY got to have his birthday party!
Kelp Juice!
The FIVE year old birthday boy!!
Welcome to the Krusty Krab!! Have some Krabby Patties!
They got to go jelly fishing for bubbles!
And make jelly fish.
And have "sea-nut butter and jelly fish" sandwiches.
I got in trouble from the maintenance people for spilling ice on the floor outside our room and not picking it up! :(
We have gone from hiding behind the curtain to hiding behind a net, so I'd say that is progress!
Matt and his mom.
Coleman Pre-K boys!
Swimming was NOT the Bomb-Diggity. It was more like the Titanic. The actual pool that would have been appropriate for 4 and 5 year olds was "closed" due to high bromine levels. Grrrr! So they had to put on life jackets and swim in the sub zero temp lap pool.
But all in all, it was a super fun birthday and we were ok on the numbers so that really rocked!! ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(RSV = Diabetes) = MAJOR Guilt

I was reading some information that Meri and then Laura posted on facebook and it said this...
"This means that the autoimmune attack is already ongoing for years before the number of beta cells drops below a critical threshold, resulting in clinical diagnosis," he said, noting that 90 percent of beta cells are destroyed in humans before the disease is usually recognized."

So... I think THIS is the moment that I screwed Aiden over for life. I put him in that mist tent with Emma. I took their picture, thinking how cute they were. She just had "allergies" I thought. I didn't think she was contagious.
 But the next week, he was hospitalized for RSV (a virus). Guess what killed his pancreas. (a virus) Guess what room we were in. 2211. The same room we were in when he was diagnosed with diabetes.
 He is saying, "Way to go mom. You just killed my beta cells."
 So this precious little guy will have diabetes for the rest of his life because I wanted to take his picture with Emma in the mist tent. *crying*
I know that "everything happens for a reason" and  that God knows the plans he has for us... and all of that, but I have just been consumed lately with "what if" I didn't put him in that tent. I can't dwell on it forever, but I just wanted to throw that out there. *praying for a cure*

Our Elves on the Shelves...Rudolph and Buzz

On December 1, Buzz and Rudolph "landed" back at the Evans home! First things first because Jesus is the reason for the season. ;) 
 The next day... they were at the drive-in movie, watching Miracle on 34th Street. (aka the BEST Christmas movie EVER!) Aiden was NOT excited about a Barbie being in the Jeep with Buzz.

 Here is my little Elf on the Shelf. Her school had a Christmas Spirit Day and she wanted to be an EOTS. ;)
 The next day, we found out that Rudolph is a GIRL! So just ignore the fact that he/she was on a date with Barbie the day before... or don't... we are PC like that. ;)
 Obviously, our Rudy (the EOTS formerly known as Rudolph) got her skirt from Santa when she went home that night, BUT they have EOTS skirts at Target! How cool is that!? It is part of the Claus Couture Collection! ;)
 Buzz needed a spa day.
 Yesterday, they "landed" in Aiden's room and Buzz was fishing for Nemo!
 Rudy was riding some horses.
This morning was an EOTS FAIL. I guess they wanted to hang on the curtain rods... This is how I fiound them when I woke up...
 But this is what Emma saw when she woke up. She was like "whew! I'm glad it wasn't mine." How sweet. Acutally, she was then really concerned about how we would fix him without him losing his magic.
 But no worries, I used my oven mitts so I wouldn't make him lose his magic and just plopped him back up there. ;) Easy Peasy. But he will probably need another spa day soon! ;)
We are excited to see what these characters still have in store for us.