Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt and I decided to cook our own pre-Thanksgiving dinner this year since we go to everyone else's home on the actual day. I enlisted some help from the kiddos! Of course, Aiden helped with the pie!
 Emma helped with the stuffing!
 They both helped with table decor and place settings. ;)
Here's our Tom Turkey. ;)  
 On Thanksgiving Day, we head over to Nanny and Papa's early so we can watch the parade and look at Black Friday ads before we go across the street to Matt's Mema's for lunch. Here's Emma at the dessert table.
 They had to burn off some energy after lunch.
 Then we headed 4 towns over to my Uncle John's for lunch #2. Emma and Katie Beth.
 Birthday cake!! :) So pretty!! Thank you, Mom!!
 And more playing with cousins!!
Hope you all had a
Very Blessed Thanksgiving!!

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