Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

When she finally got her costume, she had to do a little posing. ;)
 We kicked off our Halloween week with Aiden's field trip to the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. When we got in line to go in, one of the pre-k kids said "that is a pitiful corn maze!" and sadly, I would have to agree! There were NO pumpkins and that is just wrong! And the corn stalks were small and you could see over the whole maze! And to top that off, Aiden was Mr. Anti-social and wouldn't even get in the class picture. So I don't even have proof that he was at the pitiful corn maze.
 Except for this. :(
 Thursday evening, our JDRF held a Healthy Halloween party which thankfully, due to rain, was held at a church and not the aforementioned pitiful corn maze as originally planned. But... moving on... Emma got to see Sayde, her BFF from D camp!
 They had spray hair color! YAY!
 The D-kiddos, plus Emma, minus Aiden. And since I am recording for my memories... this is the moment when I diagnosed Aiden with Selective Mutism. I'm not even lying. He totally think he has it. I even called his pediatrician then next day and Matt called our Endo to prove to me that I am crazy. But I still think he does. For the record, Matt thought I was crazy for having my step-mom test Aiden's blood sugar too. (All that said, he has been much better this week, despite not feeling well. So maybe it was "just a phase". We'll see...) 
 Emma's school party was Friday. They partied all day long! Their class fall party was in the morning and the Mega Party for their school fundraiser was in the afternoon. In the evening, they had their Fall Carnival and then we went straight home for our own Halloween Party! Busy Day for sure!!
 Princess Emma and Princess Amelia.
 Amelia's mom did some face painting! :)
 They played Pass the Pumpkin. ;)
 Here is pirate Natalie at our party that evening. She was posing with my candy corn cup cakes (thank you pinterest!)
Bella wasn't so sure about seeing what was in the box! Witches' warts! YUCK! (really they were raisins!)
 Emma loved feeling the brains!! Let me just say, that we finally got the time to run down the street and meet our new neighbors and I am so THANKFUL! They are so sweet and fun!! Emma and Alyssa are the same age and even discoved they have the same night gown! And they are so sweet and well mannered! I can just see LOTS more fun in the future!!

 Laci brought her bestie, Olivia! They were so cute and I am pretty sure we could have sold about 10 of the skirts that Olivia's mom makes right at the party!!
 And I didn't get a picture of it, but that night, Emma had her first sleepover guest!! My cousin Chloe!! So that's jotted down in the record book! Emma loves Chloe so much! They definitely have LOTS in common!
Satruday, during the Razorback football game, Aiden decided to have a yard sale. ;) It was too cute. I even called some of the neighbors to see if I could pay them to come buy his stuff, but no one was home!
 Sunday, we went on a hay ride with my sister-in-law's church. The kids had a blast with the cousins and it was a beautiful day!

We had to rush home afterwards and put the finishing touches on our S'more bags for Aiden's class. (Thanks again, pinterest!)
 Monday, we made SLIME in Aiden's class (again, Pinterest, I love you). It was so cool and even glowed in the dark!
 Finally, it was time to do some Trick or Treating! They got Gyro Bowls at our house. That has been the most coveted item at Walmart lately so it was a good choice!
 We headed to Huntsville for some chili dogs and some more trick or treating. Justin was a spy!
 They got their usual roll of nickles from Mema. :)
 Then we headed back to Springdale to go to Nana's Halloween "carnival". They just LOVE it! Even Matt gets excited about the bean bag game!
 And they loved the apple bobbing!
 We made it back to our neighborhood just in time to see our new friends. When we got to their house, Emma said, "YAY, my new best friend's house!" I so loved that! 
 So here is our clan (including Sparkley and Batman, the hamsters). Happy Halloween! And notice our answer to all the candy... Matt bought it from them in exchage for a Transformer for Aiden...
 And Barbie Princess Charm School for Emma.
They seemed pleased! So that worked for us!!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. Holy Halloween ---- y'all were busy!!!!!!!
    I love all of the pictures and how you document it all.

    Same Same --- loving on the pinterest!

    I totally believe you on the selective mutism -- go with your gut. We need to talk. Sophie used to be SO much like Aiden it made me crazy and sad at the same time. We were able to put her in a communications class and a communications camp and it helped so so so much. She's not even the same child!
    We can chat. Call me when you have 1 free minute.

  2. Hi - I found you through Meri's blog. Looking forward to getting to "know" you better.