Saturday, November 12, 2011


This little guy is a goober and before you think he up and went all type 2 on us with that belly, let me just tell you that it is dirt. Yep, just tucked in his shirt and then filled it completely up with dirt. I would say "well, that's a boy for you" but Emma did exactly the same thing...first. So there you go. I have a couple of goobers for kids.

Funny things I don't want to forget:
Emma had fallen asleep in the car so Matt carried her in and laid her on the bed. Then he ran back outside to turn the car lights off and Emma busted out laughing on the bed and said "Phew, I had to pretend I was sleeping so he would carry me all the way up those stairs!" Hahahahaha!!! It may have been one of those things that you "had to be there" but it was hilarious!

Then the next night, Emma was in the bathroom and wouldn't let Aiden in. He really wanted in, so in his best Daddy voice (which sounded like a cross between a monster and the Big Bad Wolf) he said "Emma, open the door! This is Daddy!" Now I know that was a "had to be there" moment, but I definitely didn't want to forget it.


  1. Ha...such cute stories Leigh! Thanks for checking in on me. Love you.

  2. The stories about Emma and Aiden are so cute!! I can definitely hear Emma saying that!!