Monday, October 17, 2011

Finishing up fall sports

Last Friday night, we had the end of season soccer party for Emma's soccer team at Chuck E Cheese. Gummi Bears for the Gummi Bears! It was so cute!
 Nat-a-loo and Emm-a-loo! Silly girls!
 This year they got cute Girlie Girl shirts instead of trophies! YAY!!
 Our Girlie Girl soccer players!
 When we played the Chili Peppers the next morning, we had a lot of our softball team there so we got a quick picture (after Scarlet's team kicked our bootie!!)  Go Cherry Limeades!!
Tuesday, we had Aiden's soccer party! He was so excited for that trophy (and for Fun City!)
 A little embarrassed!
 More of the Gummi Bears since Emma missed the real soccer pictures (we were at camp).
 And one with Coach Brad! I just love this group of girls!!
 We also just have a few more t-ball games. Aiden has LOVED it!! He really has a good arm too!
We have really had a blast with fall sports and aren't quite ready for them to be over! But we look forward to seeing all the friends we have made over the winter and getting to start back up in the spring. :)

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