Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dallas... We have a problem...

Actually, we didn't have a problem at all, I just wanted a cute way to say that WE GOT TO MEET THE HOUSTON FAMILY when we went to the Southwest Classic last weekend! I can't tell you how excited I was! Seriously, I probably looked like I was waiting on a first date or something!! Matt and I both were watching out the windows. 'Cause we are just freak-a-zoids like that. ;) But here they came.... Those precious little kids that I have seen so many times on Laura's blog and on facebook. No surprise that Emma E. took right  up to them and made her self right at home squished between Emma H. and Sophie. ;)
 How amazingly cute is this?! Super Sweet Sophie and Super Nate is smelling the roses. :)

Dr. Super Nate
 After American Girl we made a "boy trip" to the play area. I could NOT get a picture of all of them looking towards the camera. Most of my shots look like little blurs. They were playing so hard! No wonder we had a few lows before dinner time. Laura said it too, but it was.... same-same. There is so much that is neat about that. (I mean bad about the same lows, but neat that someone gets it.)
 It looks like my Emma is about to push her Emma down, but  I think they were really playing. ;) At least I hope they were!! I've gotta keep my eye on that girl!
 Super Silly Nate!! He was too cute. Matt really took up to him too and was kind of picking on him like he does with Emma and Aiden and Nate was so cute and played back with him. I am pretty sure that Aiden and Nate are twins except for that. We can't get Aiden to give his coach (or anyone) a high 5 (much less talk to them) but I am pretty sure that we could have had Super Nate for the weekend if Laura would have let us! ;) Matt loved it and later told me, "I think he really liked me!" LOL!

Headed to eat!!
 Group Shot - TAKE ONE...
 Group shot - take 15. Not really, but I did really have 5 on my camera - all similar to the bootie shot of Aiden above! Haha!
 Once again, Emma E. hugged up to Emma H. And wanna know another cool thing... the restaurant had little packages of  bend-a-roos for the kids to accessorize Laura's hair play with.
 Almost all 5 looking at the camera (don't be fooled, I had to give Aiden a $1 to look and smile - just wanted to make sure you knew that - you know, keepin' it real...).
 I mean they really are twins. Aiden has that same shirt even. I just love that!
 Why, oh, why do my kids have to be the instigators of all mischief?
 Laura and I and our little blonde Super Heroes. :)
Thank you Laura, for taking the time to meet us! You really are such an inspiration to me. You have taken them time to answer all of my random questions, have been there for me in HIGHS and LOWS and I really appreciate it! I am so thankful to have you as a friend in the DOC and now IRL too!! :) Hopefully we can keep up this annual meet up and our kiddos can be great friends too! Thanks girl!!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for the night...
When we got to the room, we were excited to see what all our American Girl package included at our hotel. Aiden was so excited for room service!
Emma LOVED the AG doll bed and the fun slumber party. (Don't worry we went to the work out room to exercise off all of that pizza consumed immediately after our HUGE supper!)
The next morning we got up bright and early to do some early tailgating before the game.
 Whew... then this is where the "problem" comes in... The first half was BRUTAL!! And as if that wasn't enough, they A&M band just royally kicked our tail at half time too. And is it just me or are A&M fans LOUD the whole freakin' game. (No really, I do love all of the traditions that they have and ALL participate in, but I am definitely bringing some Motrin to the game next year!)
But we came out looking much better during the second half and won a VERY EXCITING game. The only other problem was the highly intoxicated couple in front of us who were about to give the kiddos an anatomy/science lesson that they wouldn't soon forget!
But we WON and we followed it up with some Cheesecake Factory! So you add that into the "awschumness" of meeting the Houston's the previous night and it was one fantabulous weekend!!


  1. Love seeing you guys with the Houstons!!! Looked like a blast Leigh. the boys do look quite a bit alike.

  2. Same Same Sweet friend! I'm ready to head to to your place ASAP. My kids won't stop talking about our next play date!!

    You are just as much of an inspiration to me as I am to you. We are all in this together and it has been so wonderful to meet and get to know your beautiful family. Although diabetes can still suck it --- I'm very thankful that diabetes brought me your friendship.


  3. YAY!!!!!!! Love this :) Hip Hip Hooray for D FAMILY MEET UPS!

  4. I love it!! Looks like an awesome trip and meet-up!! : ) So happy for you guys-we've never done the AG room-that has to go on our list now! ; ) The kids look like they had as much fun as you-sweet, sweet kiddos! ..and GO HOGS!!!! : ) woohoo!