Monday, October 17, 2011

1st grade field trip - Gentry Zoo

On October 7, we went on the First Grade field trip to the Gentry Zoo. Aiden had a blast in the petting zoo before the buses even arrived with Emma and her classmates. :) The little pig was so cute. :)
 This baby donkey was so cute and soft.  And see that pot belly pig in the back, Matt had one just like that from the Gentry Zoo for one semester in college. Maybe that is Tubby! :)
 Mr. Peacock was so beautiful!
 Aiden and I were fascinated with the kangaroos.
 This one had a baby in her pouch! Like for real!!
 Mr. Turtle.

 When the buses arrived, Aiden and I loaded up on Emma's and went through the drive-thru part of the zoo.

 Aiden was super excited about this!!

 This camel seriously wanted IN our bus. So funny! And he was FAST too!
 LOL! Really? Do you have to advertise it in the LUNCH area?!
 Emma and some of her buddies.

So just cover your eyes if you aren't into immature, hilarious things...

LOL!!! So I must be like a third grader because I just couldn't keep it together. LOL, LOL, LOL!!! And the kids didn't even seem to notice. Thank goodness! OMG, LOL!!
 See? Yeah, sure honey, they give them a cracker... LOL *blush, giggle, blush*
 Phew... moving on... Here is Emma with her class and teacher, Mrs. Berlanga. :)
 Feeding the pig.
 See?! The baby in it's pouch! So cute!!
 Aiden and Walker.
And then we "handsatized" (hand sanitized - per Aiden) and went home! It was a really fun trip and all the kids were really well behaved!

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