Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Friday we went out to dinner with some friends and the kids did the GIANT Wedgie maker (their term, not mine!)
 It seriously looked so fun!!
Then Saturday, the awesomeness continued with some RAZORBACK Football! GO HOGS!! I can't even tell you how excited we were for football to start! Yeah, they don't look excited, but trust me they were!! :)
 Thanks to Amanda, Alan, and Ella for a fun tailgate! Our first one!! And let me tell you, you can't go wrong with Chick Fil A and Cookie Company! YUM!! :) It was so good! Then we got to cheer our Hogs on to victory so we marked Saturday down as a BIG success!
 Sunday, we went to a couples shower for my cousin, Jacob, and his fiance, Jessica. Emma was sure that since we had already been to a wedding shower for them (the family shower), that this MUST be a baby shower! (First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage. HAHA!) Matt wasn't so sure about going to a shower, but I assured him that it didn't affect his manhood to go to a couples shower. Especially since they had Margaritas and Cake Balls! ;) He had to be manly and rough Aiden up a bit anyway. ;)
 Emma was quite the social butterfly!! It is so hard to believe that it was just a few short years ago that she was hanging on my leg everyday of pre-k. Now she moved her plate away from us to go sit at the cool table (aka Maggie and her college friends)! Then she went up to the hostesses to see if she could help pass out the gifts. She would have NEVER done that a few years ago. So I totally have hope for Aiden. ;)
 Jessica's family and the McConnell family (and us! Ha!)
 The next day, we carried on our 18+ year tradition of going to the Clothesline Fair, a local craft fair where we get our Christmas ornaments. My mom and I have seriously gone every year and every year, we pass all of the the paid parking lots and drive straight to a parking spot that is ALWAYS miraculously open every year. It really is crazy. We just have our routine. We pretty much only buy our ornaments and maybe a diet coke, but we love it and wouldn't miss it!! Later in the evening Aiden had t-ball and he is LOVING it! He sometimes wants me out on the field, but I can really tell that he is enjoying it!!
 This is when he was mad that I wouldn't run the bases with him. ;)
So... that's about it around here. After having something EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. for the last several weeks, it is nice that we only have things 2 nights this week! YAY for beautiful weather and a break! :)