Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fall ball...

So these first few aren't really about fall ball, but just to show you what kind of shenanigans go on around here on a daily basis... Yep, that is their underware on their heads. All. Of. It. 

 Weirdos... Anyway... We are in the middle of fall soccer and t-ball and I love it!! Coach Brad is doing a great job with the girls!! They are learning a lot.
 Emma is much more into it than in previous years (not to say she is a future Mia Hamm, by any stretch, but she seems to be having a little more fun.) That is... until the referee made them all remove their earrings. Oh the horror!! Gasp!
 Gummi Bears for the Gummi Bears!! :)
 Aiden has also been really enjoying soccer more. It has been a little harder to get him on the field, but once he is, he is doing great!! And check out those colors!! Diabetes Dude REPRESENT!! ;)
 Goal kick!!
 Good game...

Goooooooo, Vipers!
 But t-ball... He LOVES it!! Granted, he wouldn't put on the hat, and after 30 minutes of trying to get him to put on his jersey, I was about to pull my hair out. But besides that, he really does love playing and practicing!
 They are just too cute!!
 And of course these cuties were there to cheer on their brothers!
I hope that the season will just get better and better!!


  1. Yeah for fall ball! Natalie is playing t-ball this fall (I'm not real thrilled with that, but it's a losing battle for me).

  2. the underwear heads are HILARIOUS!

  3. DARLING!!!!

    I have a pic of Sweets with undies on her head. :) maybe it's a "thing"!?!