Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Walk to Cure Diabetes

The set up... note to self... set up closer to everything else next time. I was so afraid we would be in the way!
 Mike, Shannon and Baby Yunice! Mike and Shannon drove all the way from Iowa to come to the walk! How sweet was that!? We were so touched and thankful.
  And here is the Collage de Leigh... after only being in ONE of my hundreds of camp pictures, I changed it up a little... Matt got sick of me saying.. here take my picture with...
Miss Holly and I. Y'all know I am so blessed to live near her. She is my idol and I hope to be JUST like her someday (you know, when I get my head out of my bootie and get my crap together!) ;) Then there is Tracy (aka the Diabetes Dude's MOM!) and me, who came all the way from Boston, I might add to walk with Megan's Mega Stars! That is too sweet! Seriously, I am in awe of everyone's thoughtfulness and selflessness to come all that way to support all of us and our sweet kiddos. Next is Mrs. Karen and I. She was Emma's pre-k teacher and now is Aiden's. We love that girl and are so thankful she and Jason came! Then the BIG group. I was very pleased with our turn-out on our first year. And next, me and my mom. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for her! Good grief, I wouldn't know where to start! Then my Dad and Bev came all the way from California to the walk! WOW!! Seriously, AMAZED! And me and my Aunt Christy. She has been such a support and I am so thankful we were "stepped" into their family. And finally, the Ramsey family plus Big Ella (as opposed to little Ella, also in the pic) they have been there so much for us in the last year!

 They had a balloon release with HUGE balloons. I love balloon releases, but darn it, I cry EVERY TIME!
 Aiden (and me) on the stage with all the kids with T1.
 Matt and his boss, Brent. Small world folks... his wife is the aunt to Ella (Big Ella, aka Emma's BFF since they were 2) and she is also the sister to a lady who I loved when I worked as a real CPA and did auditing.) and we found all this out at one of Ella and Rylan's b'day parties. It was too fun.
The Ramsey's and Alan is quite the boy scout - PREPARED! Little did be know he would be adding 50 pounds of Emma to that stroller halfway through the walk.  Bless his heart. ;) Oh and bless Amanda's heart too because she gave Emma her jacket! Good grief! Who was watching that kid! 
 Ella was so cute! She needed her ladybug rain boots though! "What puddle?"
 Mom visiting with my Aunt Trudy and my Aunt Cindy. I am so glad they came! It really did mean a lot to me!
 Rylan and Aiden, BFFs since birth, literally.
 Mary Claire and Emma. Such cuties!!
 The Fab Four playing some games.
 LOVE this!! See he does smile and play!! I promise!!
 Pi Phi Angels! That was so sweet of Maggie to get her friends to walk too!!
 Emma painted JDRF and then painted a little blue flamingo in the corner. :)
 Emma and Sayde from camp. Emma was so excited to see her!
It was a GREAT rainy, walk!! I can't wait to do it again next year!! :) 


  1. Looks like a fantastic day Leigh! So cool that you and Holls live close to each other. I am jealous!

  2. Love, Love, Love your pictures!! : ) It IS a small world, girl! And those balloons? They totally made me cry too. : ( Gosh-do they do it on purpose?
    So glad you had a great day-and a great turnout!! You are blessed. : ) Love you!

  3. Love the pics!! I'm so glad it was such a special day!! :)