Thursday, August 18, 2011

What a way to start a Hope Day!

I just left a 15 chapter comment on Amy's blog so I thought, "you know, I'll just go ahead and record this for posterity."  But she had this picture on her blog. Just so you know what I am talking about.

OML (Oh, my Lantus! In case you were wondering)!!! That is exactly what my inner self looks like because Matt's outer self has looked just like that the last few days - well a boy version of it!! I seriously thought I could see fumes coming out of his ears last night. Bless our hearts, we haven't slept more than 1.5 -2 hours in a row since we started. And our numbers are crazy ridiculous. So on top of the random craziness of it, Matt seems particularly concerned that I can't get my head out of my @$$ (his words). And to prove that he is absolutely right in his ASSessment, I will just go ahead and admit it. I bolused Aiden twice for dinner last night. Yes, my name is Leigh, and I am certifiably insane and almost killed my son last night. I mean I seriously could have! I made him drink 2 (hot from the car) Juicy Juices and mother birded him m&m's until he FINALLY came back up to 126 (you know, on his way to 320!) I'm not even kidding.

So that was the comment, but I have to also tell this story about last night. You know how we joke parents of CWDs (children with diabetes) chasing their kids and making them eat? Well, last night, in all seriousness, these words actually came out of my mouth. "Aiden stop running and playing, you HAVE to finish your m&m's!!!" I can only imagine what the other soccer moms were thinking! 'Ok, lady. So you want your kid to stop exercising and come eat chocolate. Well no wonder he has diabetes.'

So obviously, we are not quite rocking the pod yet, but we will get there. More Happy Hope Day later!! We have to finish having it!!  


  1. Only a fellow D-rent could read this and shake their head up and down with enthusiastic understanding. We get it! We so don't want it. ;)

    Your story is my story is all our story . . . just the details vary.

    Although, I want your husband to call MY husband and tell him he should get up with me in the middle of the night for D-care. I guess staying at home, managing her D during the day, homeschooling, cleaning, buying food and clothes and COOKING all that food must not be as tasking as his job at the office.

    Huhhhmmmmmmmm. Wow. Guess I needed to vent a little there?!

    I say we make up some Tshirts with that screaming lady and put some chalk paint underneath it. We could change the 'saying' whenever we wanted to fit the moment.

    Hang in there girl . . . or at least know I am hanging one handed from the branch next door ;)

    Love you Leigh!!!!!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I completely slept through the 2am alarm. I sat bolt upright at 6:30 am and went in to check Q and she was 70. Then I was so frazzled thinking about the teacher training I had to do today and how I hadn't finished my instruction sheets, that I shaved only 1 leg. ONE LEG! OML, is right!

  3. Love the part about "finally up to 126 (you know, on his way to 320!)" Ok, well 'LOVE' may not be the right word but that is SO what we deal with ALL. THE. TIME!! I totally get it!

  4. I totally love that picture... I might have to steal it ;)

    I have over bolused. I have also been told to get my head out of my a$$... total seperate incidents though :/

  5. So sorry I have been missing all of your blog posts! I did not have your blog address on my blog, so I've been missing out. I'll be catching up now. I gave Natalie a unit too much the other day, but thankfully realized right after the shot and no school that day. We're human, we make mistakes, and we get no sleep!