Thursday, August 11, 2011

We are PUMPED!

Like literally, we are really PUMPED. Aiden started on the OmniPod Insulin pump this afternoon. But first let me back up a little... I am WAY behind on family recordkeeping. :) But just for simplicity I am going at it collage style today. ;)

A few weeks ago we had the McConnell Family Reunion. :) Fun times for sure! We were excited to have a wedding shower for Jacob and Jessica (who Emma loves!! They talked a lot about 1st grade and American Girls). And then we just had all of the usual fun that we always do... you know on the party bus and lots of EATING! But let me tell you that even Dr. Maass was impressed with our rockstar blood sugars over the weekend. Thank you, McDonalds for your cute little Smurf toys and your carb counts on each and every item. ;)

 Then we had a week of CAMP NANA!! YAY!! The kiddos escaped a week of daycare and got to go to Nana's house every day. And even though they busted through the art projects that were scheduled for the whole week by Monday at 3pm, Nana still had a full slate of fun scheduled for them. :)
 Up next was the start of fall soccer and that can only mean one thing for the "Team Formerly Known as the Ladybugs"!!! PAR-TAY!! I didn't get pictures of her practice, but it was on the BIG field and was lots of fun. Aiden wasn't so sure about his practice and wouldn't participate. :( And just for our records that night (although it was AWESOME 83 degree weather) was FULL of suckiness. We were scheduled to meet friends at Cherry Berry for yogurt after practice but both kiddos were NOT being good. AT. ALL. So after repeated warnings of "you will not get any yogurt if you don't behave, etc" we had to go to Cherry Berry and just sit there and not let them have any (which means I didn't get any either!!). And bless our friend's, Amanda and Alan's, hearts. They just had to sit there with their yogurt while Emma threw a FIT (HUGE FIT!!) It was just awful. Darn you, Dr. Lovell and your CONSISTENCY! :(
 And finally... OMNIPOD!!! We are officially pumpers and I am so excited, but ironically, I am going to have to cut this post short because I just realized that his PDM's screen is completely whited out. I can kind of see stuff if I hold it at an angle, but something is messed up!! Wanda (our trainer) is going to LOVE us!! ;)

Ok... I am back. We are on PDM number 2 and pod number 2 and we will see if that works better. Apparently there was a PDM malfunction. Ya think? Aiden was like "I hate this place" (Dr. M's office). " Do I have to get a little pinch everytime we come here?" :( It will be better though. I just know it will!! :)

I have been VERY excited about pumping and the flexibility it will allow. The only thing I have really been worried about is the mornings. We honestly must have the DOC rainbows and glitter upon us each and every morning because he is ALWAYS in range inthe morning. Always. I'm not even exagerating. It doesn't matter if he is 300 at 2am. He is just always magically in range in the morning. I really don't want to give that up. But this morning was it 129 so it wasn't too far off. But he still had yesterday's lantus so we will see tomorrow morning.

And one more little thing I don't want to forget. Well I do want to forget it, but I want to be able to look back and remember it and think "aww, that was kind of cute that he said it that way." But Aiden always says that 'he is diabetes'. Not that he HAS diabetes, but he IS diabetes. For example, "When I turn 5 will I still be diabetes?" It makes me so sad. But I know it is just more of an issue of 4 year old vocab than him really thinking that it is all that defines him. So I always just say, yes you HAVE diabetes and move on. Since we also seem to do a LOT of JDRF stuff or even planning SUPER FUN stuff with other families who have kids with diabetes or like watching Ellie's pod video (a million times), he will say "oh, are they diabetes too?" Yes son, they have diabetes too. I can't decide if ineed to go into a big long story about "No they AREN'T diabetes, but they have diabetes, but there are a LOT more things that they are..."  But it is just something that is kind of cute, but also so sad to me.


  1. So excited for you! We started "podding" in June.. :)

  2. Woot! Lots of amazingly fun stuff happening!
    Have to say I'm most excited for you about the pod, though! ;)
    Glad the second PDM is working...what a stresser! About as fun as when Bean's first pod alarmed as we were getting in the car to leave our 'first pod appointment' FUN!

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
    It sounds like you guys are totally rolling with everything. I have no doubt that you guys are going to rock the pod!

    I'm always here if you should need any little thing!

  4. I think at his age it is wonderful that he thinks and communicates that diabetes IS just a part of him. If you say he HAS it, then he probably thinks he has a choice to have it. It just is a part of who he is and he is loving seeing and meeting and hearing about other people who ARE diabetes . . just like him. So sweet.

    Congrats on the podding!!! We are still waiting . . . . grrrrrrrr. Post to come.

  5. YAY!! I'm sooo happy for you guys, prayers answered!! : ) I'm thrilled he's been in range for so long-that alone is a miracle! ; )

    I showed Ethan his picture (with the pod), and he wants to play! : ) They are so cute.
    Let me know if I can help with anything! I know they aren't the same "language", but I'll do what I can! : ) Hugs!!

  6. Congrats on the pumping!!! Hope you LOVE it!!!