Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This one time... at diabetes camp...

...we arrived and we were so excited!
 ...we were surrounded by beautiful scenery
 ...we didn't use our manners as we spat into the pond to "feed" the fish (ewwwww!)
 ...we saw armadillos at night and one went under our cabin!!
 ...we didn't feel well at all (she NEVER takes naps!) and had to run home during free time (sacrificing the ropes course and swimming) to get "snot medicine" (allergy medicine)
 ...we got our face painted when we felt better
...we played mini golf during the rest of free time
...we kicked bootie at mini-golf 
 ...we got a hole in one!!
 ...we watched others do the blob! (BTW, the little guy in the back is Collin, he is 9.5 and was diagnosed exactly one week before camp. He is such a trooper!! And we loved getting to meet his family!)
...we met fun friends like Taylor Jane (Collin's little sister)
 ...we did lots of art (Thanks Lowes and Crayola!)
 ...we won an award for the cleanest cabin and Emma was so proud! She worked really hard to organize our room and took full responsibilty for the win. :)
 ...we took a family picture to prove that I, actually was in fact, there.
 ...we met even more friends.
 ...we played kickball
 ...we played with S'MORE friends.
 ... we saw this little pile of AWSCHUMNESS
...we posed with new friends. 
 ...we ATE s'mores!!
 ...we had a super active day that caught up with us at night. But we were expecting it!
 ...we got matching pods for our AG, Laney, and Emma because it is Oh So Cool to have diabetes these days! ;)

Hahaha! Matt, I bet you didn't think I would really put that as my title. ;)


  1. I LOVE that you took a pic to "prove" that you were I am never on any of the family trips either :/

    Looks like it was so fun :)

  2. Leigh, it looks like so much fun! : ) I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, snot meds and all! And I love the title. ; )
    And..I blogged!!! Sorry, I'm so behind! I'm trying to finish a book, and LiVE!! : ) haha! Love you, girl!!!

  3. Omigosh, how FUN!!! I wish we had a family diabetes camp like that!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. LOL, it was the title that got me to read the post ;-)

    (well at least before others, I would have read it anyhow)

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

  6. The pics are great! Looks like so much fun. Well except gor those pesky lows that caught up to you!

  7. Looks like a great time! And the blog title made me laugh out loud!