Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Hope Day!!

August 18, 2011
What a difference a year makes!! We may be having some of the same emotions and we may have started over on the learning curve after starting the pump. But this year, we know we will be ok. We know that we have support and a LARGE community that we can go to for help. We know we have an AWESOME Dr. who really cares about Aiden and will help him live a long, happy, complication-free life. It is a much better feeling.
 Our Happy Hope Day, turned into a Happy Hope Weekend. We met the kids and Nanny and Papa at the fair after our date night on Friday night and they played some games...
 ... and saw some animals.
 Then Saturday, we continued our Super Fun Weekend and headed to Branson, Mo. After some outlet shopping, we went with Matt's family to Lamberts (Home of the Throwed Rolls) for some yummy dinner!! :)
 And then a wax museum! Haha! Don't you love my playboy bunnies! Haha! :)
 And then the house of mirrors...

 And then back to the go carts (it started pouring the first time we tried)
And then some ice cream and then mini golf! And I am not even kidding!! It was seriously midnight when we left there. We have NEVER stayed out that late with the kiddos (except when we took Emma to the ER with her seizures.)
 The next day we were up early for breakfast and then headed to White Water.

 And finally Silver Dollar City. It was really a fun weekend and a good way to celebrate LIVING with diabetes for a year. :)

 We had to cool off a little!!
 Ahhhh!! ;)
And thank you to Nicole for letting me borrow the phrase "Happy Hope Day!" We loved everything that it was about!!


  1. Yay! It is amazing how much we learn in a year. God is good to get us through the rough days. Love the pictures. And love getting to know you better! XO

  2. What a great way to celebrate!