Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Aiden's OmniPod

As excited as he has been forever about getting his pod, he wasn't so excited on the day.
 He just wanted to eat his nuggets and be left alone.
 Dr. Maass' nurse, Wanda, helped us get it all set up and did our training (and gave out stickers).
 He was kind of ticked when we left. :( But I think he really likes it now.
Dr. Maass is a complete rock star knowing where to start us out, but nonetheless, we have had a roller coaster of numbers since we started and very little sleep. ;) Matt seems to think I have my head up my rear most of the time and instead of proving him wrong, I bolused Aiden twice for dinner one night, leading me to actually state "Aiden sit here and eat these M&Ms! And stop running and playing!!!" I am quite sure the other soccer moms think I am certifiably crazy! And then later in the week, in my valiant effort to continue proving him right, I rear ended a super nice lady in a big truck at a stop sign. :(

But Aiden is doing really well with the pod. He isn't messing with it, but seems to be having kind of bad luck getting a full 3 days out of one. He has hit it on the ladder of the pool and knocked the cannula out. He hit one on the corner of the bed and then finished it off in the pool. Then one night we had several highs and just decided to change early. So we have usually been getting about 2-2.5 days and that has to get better!! We got Bands 4 Life and I really think that will help! Plus they are really sweet and have super cute tissue paper packaging! ;) He calls pod changes "getting a little pinch" and he pretty much freaks out at the sound of the click and the poke. We have tried EMLA, tickling, counting, doing our ABCs, getting a sticker (THANKS Sweetpea!!) after each change. But so far, BY FAR, the best method has just been doing it while he sleeps. So that will be the plan from now on. He is also ONLY wanting to put them on his thighs and I would like to move it around a little. His little thigh are just dotted with little pokes and bruises. I can't decide on the next best place. Back? Bootie? Arm? Tummy?


  1. Sounds like you're doing great. It'll get even better!

  2. We are starting are podding adventure tomorrow and I am so nervous about it all. Thanks so much for continuing to post about your experience so far, it is helping so much to read about it and it sounds like you guys are getting the hang of it...hopefully we do too!