Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Diabetes sucks, but life is good!" - Stephanie '11

I wanted to make sure and go ahead and give Stephanie the credit for her quote right there in the title. But really, how true is that!! And we have just really been living it the last few days. Especially the diabetes sucking part.

I am sitting here procrastinating my letter writing, waiting for yet another blood sugar check, and just generally overwhelmed.

The term "roller coaster" (that would actally be a phrase instead of a term, I guess) but the phrase "roller coaster" just doesn't do the last few days justice. I know that I have heard that when you start pumping, that it can be just like being diagnosed again. And I guess that is appropriate since we are doing exactly the same things that we were doing last year at this time when Aiden was dx'd. Just starting soccer, swimming, getting ready for school to start, attending open houses, having Girls Nights Out with some super sweet friends, changing sheets from accidents (due to hours and hours of being HIGH). So it all feels the same. I am overwhelmed, Matt is stressed, Emma is making comments about wishing she had diabetes so she could get more attention (well that, and a pink pump like Mary Claire's) and Aiden is HIGH and LOW with all of the behaviors that go along with that.

His blood sugar has just been crazy. Today for instance:
12:04a - 166
1:04a - 141
3:03a - 144
5:03a - 118
9:04a - 77
11:47a - 97
2:27p - 472
2:35p - 449
3:16p - 360
4:45p - 230
5:30p - 134
7:03p - 45
7:16p - 90
7:56p - 85
9:04p - 186
10:30p - 218
11:30p - 223

See? Roller Coaster!! I mean how are you 472 and 45 in the same afternoon!? I'll come back to that. And did you count? That is 17 blood sugar checks in 24 hours!! We pricked his little fingers 17 times today alone. And the last 4-5 days have been just the same.

But how you get to be 472 at 2:27 is... you go in to return the loaner pdm you got when your pdm crapped out less than 24 hours after you started using it and to have your new pdm (awesomely overnighted by Omni Pod) programmed with all of our rates and ratios and then you inadvertantly don't check all the numbers entered by the nurse in charge of training people to use the OP and neglect to find out that she didn't enter the I:C ratios (1:20 for b'fast and dinner and 1:30 for lunch) and instead re-entered 70 (as in 1 unit of insulin covers 70 carbs) which was the minimum blood sugar for which it would a allow a correction. And then at lunch when you notice that you entered a BG of 97 and it tells you to give a bolus of .6 units for 67 carbs, you just do it and don't think twice about how small of a dose that is. That's how.  :(

But this year, I really do know that Life is Good. It is because... I know "this too shall pass" and that we will get where we are tweaking ourselves (as opposed to our endo having to do it via email from Haiti!!) and it will all be ok. I know that I have LOTS of friends and family who "get it" and who have been there done that and I only have those friends because of diabetes. Like Emma said "I'm glad Aiden got diabetes, so I could meet Mary Claire". Well, I can't say that I am glad he got diabetes, but I am darn sure glad that I have met Holly, the Doss family, the Brokmeier family, and that I will get to meet Hallie, Amy, and Laura. And hopefully more!! What great friends, diabetes or not! I know that I have a plethora of information to read and learn from when I am overwhelmed about taking diabetes to school, or 504 plans, or playing sports or writing JDRF letters. I know I have videos to watch about doing pod changes and that will make us smile when we see pod changes on Rufus and flash mobs.

So Life is Good and I know it will even get better (it just better hurry before Matt goes postal and I have to go all honey badger on him!! haha! Just kidding sweetie ;)!)

(I just posted a whole post with no pictures! )


  1. Aw, thanks! :) I remember how overwhelming our pump start was, and I thought, "Man, we are NEVER gonna figure this out!" Pump starts are like growing'll get it figured out and be so much happier when you have a rhythm going. ((hugs))

  2. I think we are on the same rollar coaster ride! That looks very similar to Ellie's numbers/pattern the last couple of days. We JUST went live with the pump this morning (long story . . . will blog about it ;)) and already we have a 453 staring back at us from the meter. No ketones so I think I just underestimated her frozen yogurt and didn't correct for the high number before that. This learning curve is s-t-e-e-p!

    Drinks sometime???? hehehehehee