Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This one time... at diabetes camp...

...we arrived and we were so excited!
 ...we were surrounded by beautiful scenery
 ...we didn't use our manners as we spat into the pond to "feed" the fish (ewwwww!)
 ...we saw armadillos at night and one went under our cabin!!
 ...we didn't feel well at all (she NEVER takes naps!) and had to run home during free time (sacrificing the ropes course and swimming) to get "snot medicine" (allergy medicine)
 ...we got our face painted when we felt better
...we played mini golf during the rest of free time
...we kicked bootie at mini-golf 
 ...we got a hole in one!!
 ...we watched others do the blob! (BTW, the little guy in the back is Collin, he is 9.5 and was diagnosed exactly one week before camp. He is such a trooper!! And we loved getting to meet his family!)
...we met fun friends like Taylor Jane (Collin's little sister)
 ...we did lots of art (Thanks Lowes and Crayola!)
 ...we won an award for the cleanest cabin and Emma was so proud! She worked really hard to organize our room and took full responsibilty for the win. :)
 ...we took a family picture to prove that I, actually was in fact, there.
 ...we met even more friends.
 ...we played kickball
 ...we played with S'MORE friends.
 ... we saw this little pile of AWSCHUMNESS
...we posed with new friends. 
 ...we ATE s'mores!!
 ...we had a super active day that caught up with us at night. But we were expecting it!
 ...we got matching pods for our AG, Laney, and Emma because it is Oh So Cool to have diabetes these days! ;)

Hahaha! Matt, I bet you didn't think I would really put that as my title. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Hope Day!!

August 18, 2011
What a difference a year makes!! We may be having some of the same emotions and we may have started over on the learning curve after starting the pump. But this year, we know we will be ok. We know that we have support and a LARGE community that we can go to for help. We know we have an AWESOME Dr. who really cares about Aiden and will help him live a long, happy, complication-free life. It is a much better feeling.
 Our Happy Hope Day, turned into a Happy Hope Weekend. We met the kids and Nanny and Papa at the fair after our date night on Friday night and they played some games...
 ... and saw some animals.
 Then Saturday, we continued our Super Fun Weekend and headed to Branson, Mo. After some outlet shopping, we went with Matt's family to Lamberts (Home of the Throwed Rolls) for some yummy dinner!! :)
 And then a wax museum! Haha! Don't you love my playboy bunnies! Haha! :)
 And then the house of mirrors...

 And then back to the go carts (it started pouring the first time we tried)
And then some ice cream and then mini golf! And I am not even kidding!! It was seriously midnight when we left there. We have NEVER stayed out that late with the kiddos (except when we took Emma to the ER with her seizures.)
 The next day we were up early for breakfast and then headed to White Water.

 And finally Silver Dollar City. It was really a fun weekend and a good way to celebrate LIVING with diabetes for a year. :)

 We had to cool off a little!!
 Ahhhh!! ;)
And thank you to Nicole for letting me borrow the phrase "Happy Hope Day!" We loved everything that it was about!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aiden's first day of school.

Aiden's First day of school.
And that is all I got. :(
But I think he is going to have a great year. He actually talked to his teacher! Wooo Hooo!! WE LOVE Mrs. Karen and I know Aiden is really going to have fun there. He has already been talking about his friends there. :)

Emma's First Day of School!!

Before we started school, we had to get primped up a little. Get the feathers refreshed. (And get one for her AG) ;)
 We went to meet her teacher and have an ice cream social the Friday night before.
 Her cousin, Chloe is in 3rd grade there. Emma loves hanging out with her when I volunteer there.
 We had a girls night out and got mani/pedis with Mary Claire. :)
 Then we had some dinner, where Emma completely embarassed me with TERRIBLE manners and I had to wear the disposable flip flops from the salon. Holly and Mary Claire... bless their hearts! ;)
Just because Emma NEVER wears shoes with laces, she didn't really learn to tie her shoes when she should have. Not to mention, she is kind of resistent to my teaching for some reason! So we were determined to learn before we started back. We found some shoes that we had gotten for $5 at Walmart when we had an impromtu family softball game in Huntsville. So we watched some Youtube videos (Getting ready for kindergarten video at the library didn't work "make an X and pullllllll it through") So I let her color each lace different colors and that did the trick. :)
 So... Back to school! I swear she wore a different dress the first full 2 weeks of school and she could keep going, but was kind of ready for some shorts for a few days. ;)
 Emma LOVES Coach Sprouse and I am so thankful that she stands outstide every day and welcomes all the kids. :) That is a HUGE help in getting her out of the car. And that has been kind of a problem this year. She doesn't really think that she has very many friends in her class because they all speak a different language. I have tried to really tell her that it will be a great opportunity for her to learn different languages, but she isn't sold. And I get it. I do feel a little sorry for her, but we will continue to just "accentuate the positive" (by the way, if you follow that link, you will get to hear Bing Crosby and I just LOVE that song. I used to listen to it -a slightly different version- every morning when I woke up in junior high and it greatly improved my attitude!)
 Walking in... Bienvenidos and Yokwei! ;)
 Her class. She was kind of done with pictures at that point. And I was the only mom in there snapping away. ;)
 But we were glad to get back to a routine and she was thrilled to see her teacher from last year!! :) So it will all be good.
 We hope! ;)

Getting Aiden's OmniPod

As excited as he has been forever about getting his pod, he wasn't so excited on the day.
 He just wanted to eat his nuggets and be left alone.
 Dr. Maass' nurse, Wanda, helped us get it all set up and did our training (and gave out stickers).
 He was kind of ticked when we left. :( But I think he really likes it now.
Dr. Maass is a complete rock star knowing where to start us out, but nonetheless, we have had a roller coaster of numbers since we started and very little sleep. ;) Matt seems to think I have my head up my rear most of the time and instead of proving him wrong, I bolused Aiden twice for dinner one night, leading me to actually state "Aiden sit here and eat these M&Ms! And stop running and playing!!!" I am quite sure the other soccer moms think I am certifiably crazy! And then later in the week, in my valiant effort to continue proving him right, I rear ended a super nice lady in a big truck at a stop sign. :(

But Aiden is doing really well with the pod. He isn't messing with it, but seems to be having kind of bad luck getting a full 3 days out of one. He has hit it on the ladder of the pool and knocked the cannula out. He hit one on the corner of the bed and then finished it off in the pool. Then one night we had several highs and just decided to change early. So we have usually been getting about 2-2.5 days and that has to get better!! We got Bands 4 Life and I really think that will help! Plus they are really sweet and have super cute tissue paper packaging! ;) He calls pod changes "getting a little pinch" and he pretty much freaks out at the sound of the click and the poke. We have tried EMLA, tickling, counting, doing our ABCs, getting a sticker (THANKS Sweetpea!!) after each change. But so far, BY FAR, the best method has just been doing it while he sleeps. So that will be the plan from now on. He is also ONLY wanting to put them on his thighs and I would like to move it around a little. His little thigh are just dotted with little pokes and bruises. I can't decide on the next best place. Back? Bootie? Arm? Tummy?