Friday, July 15, 2011

Our visit from the Diabetes Dude!

We were so very blessed to be a stop on the I Feel Free Tour. And by "be a stop", I mean crash plans that they already had with the Doss family and invite them all over for a good ol' BBQ, which we made the Doss' bring. What great hosts we are! LOL!
 We even got to meet the Dancing Danie. Here she is with Megan, Mary Claire, and Emma.
 And we got to see her mad dancing SKILZ!
 Aiden and Ethan weren't so sure...
 But Brian was cool with her!
 Koda, Big D and THE Dude!
 I think Matt was working on some Macarena lessons. Ha! Just kidding. I have no idea what they were talking about, but it must have been important.
 THE Diabetes Dude, Noah, and my little diabetes dude. :)
 Watch out Dads!
 Emma and Mary Claire, just chillin'.
 Ethan and Aiden
 All the kiddos!
We were really so thankful to have the Brokmeier, Doss, and Jones families come to visit. What a blessing it is to have families that are so active in educating and advocating for a CURE! And even though we didn't ask to be part of the "club" we are very thankful we are! I hope that we can follow in the footsteps of these great families and be part of finding that CURE. But along the way, it was really just nice to hang with some cool friends going through some of the same things that we are! Even if Brian did make us eat armadillo! (Not really!)
Also I wanted to thank the Brokmeier family for our goodies from the CWD FFL conference! One of our favorites has been the book about Coco (I am linking to Hallie's awesome post about her)! Have you heard about her? She is a new Disney character and she has Type 1! Now you know I love me some Disney, but this makes me love them even more! On their parenting website, they even have a tab for type 1 diabetes now! We HAVE to attend that conference next year. It is happening!

And attention Denise aka 'Mom of Bean'... Girl, your blog hates me! I have tried a million times to comment and it will never let me! So I just wanted to say I love you and your blog and your T1 mom song! (and I just learned that the <3 is not nearly as effective in this font). And are you on facebook? I have friended all the Denises from Alaska I can and I don't think any of them are you. ; )


  1. What a wonderful time had by all Leigh. Thanks for sharing the pix. I love the Macarena btw...and he does look like he is gonna break out into it fo' sho'.


  2. Hey, you didn't wait two weeks!!! : ) Hahaha! Love your pictures, girl! We had so much fun, glad we could all get together, let's get that Meet Up in St. Louis planned! : ) Hugs!!