Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OmniPod, here we come!!!

So you know Aiden is pretty excited about getting the OmniPod. No, really. He is!
 Matt with his demo pod, he just bolused himself with some saline.
 We'd like you to meet our OmniPod rep, Brad's foot. Ha! (Notice I made my text small for a funny part like Holly!)
 Oh, here he is! He really is a rock star. Why yes, I DO have post it notes with numbers posted on the Roman Numerals on our clock so that Emma could practice telling time, you know, when she was in school 2 months ago. ;) They kind of grew on me. Ha!
Next week, we have our appointment with our awesome endo and we will go from there. We are all approved on our insurance and all set to go.
And let me take this opportunity to tell all the internet what a crap head my husband is!! Just so we could really experience the demo pod he gave himself a nice bolus of 6 units to see if he could feel it and then deactivated his pod. He probably didn't even get the full 6 units. And then, unbeknownst to me, he bolused me 13 units!! My arm was itching so bad and I didn't even know why. I was just thinking... ok this isn't really that bad, but it is kind of uncomfortable. Hmmm... no, this is really uncomfortable. WTH!?! Crap head doesn't even really cover it. It is more like it starts with a D and rhymes with Whoosh Bag. ;) That's what he is (a whoosh bag). ;) 


  1. SO exciting, Leigh!! I'm actually a bit jealous of all you new podders. :) After having tubing for, oh...6 months...I think we will be ready for Omnipod in a year or two!

  2. That's pretty cool you both got to try one on. Good luck with the Omnipod!

  3. Love that you both got to try it out with saline! And, yes, I totally and completely agree that he's a whoosh bag!!! ;)

  4. WoHOOO!!! I love that he snuck in a bolus on ya...13 units!!! OWWWW.

    Good luck and keep us up-to-date.

  5. I'm totally cracking up! And I love your funniness and all the pics! I hope you love the pod!!! So exciting!!!!

  6. Hahahaha! Wish I could leave little letters on here! : ) That was plain ole mean. I think I'd wake up early, and give him a bolus. ; ) ps-and you ALL got pods? Wow!! : )
    Can't wait for you to be pumping!!! Hugs, girl!!! : )

  7. Whhhhooooooosssshhhhh bag ;) LOVE IT! We are waiting for our pump to get here and then an appointment with the endo to set it up. Almost here!!!!

  8. So interesting to read all about this! So does it hurt/itch because it is saline or does it do that with insulin too?? (I have no clue about the pump stuff.)