Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

First of all we accomplished our first assignment as a Diabetes Dude Ambassador and we were glad to do it! Tony Cervati is an absolutely inspiring person who founded Type 1 Rider.  He was participating in a big race and THIS happened (ready bottom post on Thursday, June 24). He is a hero to us, not only because he has Type 1 and represents everything that we hope Aiden will be, but also to just our family in general, overcoming obstacles to acheive amazing goals! WOW! I am really in awe of him!
Moving on and MUCH less important... But Saturday, we had our second uninvited visitor to our pool (the first was a frog). But this little guy was quite a scared visitor. Especially, after Emma and Aiden tried to make him a pet and notice Brinkley's nose on the top left corner. ;)
Then we had more visitors (not in the pool, luckily!) Emma and Aiden filled up that aquarium with TADPOLES, which hatched mosquitos... in our house! Crap on a stick!
Later that night, we had the Evans family fireworks show. Holy Crap! Now that is just not smart!
Ruuuuuuunnnnnnn!!! Smart girl!
Aiden does his sparklers by the books. ;)
He was really excited for the BIG rocket!
Woooooo! Emma obviously takes after Daddy. That girl loves her some fireworks!
We had to cool down with some festive snowcones. :)

Sunday we got to go the lake with our Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy. We thought Aiden was going to tube, but he decided that his foot was really hurting. ;)
 Emma was not using any excuses. She was all about the tubing! :)
 Aiden almost looks like he was having fun! :)
 Blood sugar check... Just to be sure. :)
Monday evening we went to the Annual Coger 4th of July Party! What sweet cousins!
Here's a recap of the last few years...
The view up there is just amazing.
Hard to believe that beautiful little girl can be so mischevious! :)

Like now... for instance. They loved those poppers!
The cousins were all ready for the fireworks to start.
And they were amazing!
And it ain't over 'til Lee Greenwood sings! ;) God Bless the USA!
And Emma came in just under the wire and pulled that tooth so she could get double "holiday pay"! Phew! (We HAD to do something, it was just dangling there FOREVER and as you can see the big tooth was already in behind it!)
Hope you had a Happy 4th too!!


  1. Love the recap Leigh! It looks like you guys had so much fun and your family is gorgeous!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures, Leigh!! : ) Your kids are just absolutely adorable!

    Tadpoles AND mosquitos-AHHHHH!!! That's worse than my nasty fruit flies! : P You are so funny. And a mouse? We've not had one of those yet. (thank goodness!)
    I saw you last night!! We were headed to see a movie, you know us and movies! ; ) Hope you had a great night!! Hugs!

  3. Looks like a grand ol' time! (and yes, I'm totally humming 'you're a grand ol' flag!)
    And what's this 'double pay' from the tooth fairy?!? Totally have to keep that under wraps or Bean will be yanking teeth strategically! :)

  4. FUNNN!! great pics, Leigh! And how adorable she looks with a missing tooth! Love it. :)

  5. Loving the photo updates!!! Um, how is my pool coming along? :)

  6. I love the pics and your beautiful, beautiful kiddos! I'm totally cracking up at "holiday pay"! Looks like so much fun!