Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Traditions

We had a tradition for Memorial Day. My Nana, Mom, sometimes Aunt Mary, the kids and I would always go to the National Cemetary on Memorial Day. We would always meet my uncle John and his family there. We would always run into Nana's sister, Midge and her family. And then we would always, always go eat at Denny's. When my Nana passed away last year, I was really dreading it. We went ahead and followed our tradition and went with Aunt Mary and Uncle John, but it was just not the same. This year, we were blessed with a NEW tradition. :) Our AWESOME Endo wanted to have a run to benefit JDRF Outreach (as opposed to research). The funds from ROCK the Run will go to our local family diabetes camp which is available to ALL local families affected by Type 1 at little to no charge to the families. It really is such an amazing event!  Sooo.... this year, we did our cemetary trips on Sunday after church. First to my Granddaddy's at the National Cemetary.
 I just can't help but get choked up there every year. We are so blessed to live in a country where so many people are brave enough to fight and die to protect our freedom. :)
 Next we mixed  it up a little (not) and went to Denny's. :) Then it was to the hard places - Nana and Aunt Mary's. :( Emma was really concerned with the placement of the pink flowers someone left. And it was totally me who left Nana the People covering the Royal Wedding. I know she would love that WAY more than flowers that would just die soon. ;)
 We miss them all so much. It is so hard to believe that we lost Nana and both of her sisters within one year! So sad!!
 Totally feel the same way, Bud! (He wasn't really crying, Ha! He was hiding from my camera!)
So on to our NEW Memorial Day Tradition...
ROCK the Run! (ROCK = Running for Outreach, a Cure, and Knowledge)
The starting line... It was a pretty good turnout for the first year! And they're off!
 Some of us did the one mile fun "run" which was more like a walk. ;)
 But lots of people ran!! (Orange shirt in the far left is our AWESOME Endocrineologist, Dr. Maass!)
 Here was our group of runners and "runners". I was soooo proud of Matt for running his first 5k and also so proud of our favorite pre-k teacher, Mrs. Karen, because it was her first 5k race too! We are so thankful that she chose Aiden's "cause" to first demonstrate her MAD running SKILZ! She was a rockstar and kicked Matt's bootie!! Alan, Amanda, and Ella were also awesome to get up so early and run the race! They are amazing too!! :) They did so good and would have done even better if it would have occured to me to see if I could watch Ella before the race started! ; )
 When Matt was approaching the finish line, the kids were lined up to give him 5 and he grabbed Aiden and crossed the line! Oh, Lordy! The tears were just rolling and rolling! And I looked at his mom and she was wiping her eyes too! :) And I just LOVE that smile!!
I am going to start Couch to 5k and get my bootie in gear for next year's race! I can't wait!! Watch out Dr. Maass, the Evans famliy is going to take you up on your challenge next year!! (He was going to donate a certain amount for everyone that beat him. And just to show you that he practices what he preaches, 4 of his 5 girls won 1st-3rd in their age groups, and the other one just wasn't there because she was home sick or she probably would have too! I so want to be that kind of family! Next year...)

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  1. WOW, what a wonderful Memorial Day and event Leigh. Will this become an annual event? AND...good luck with the Couch to 5K. I have heard great things about that program.