Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

Yeah, I just about lost it too when I saw this on the stage wall. ;) I hope the next 12 years SLOW DOWN!!
After they escorted a few off the stage with trash cans, they were ready to go! Poor kiddos, it was a BIG day for them!! Emma was so excited to graduate, but she also mentioned that she was sad too. Ditto!
 She REALLY got into the songs. It was so cute!
 We were so very proud of all of her accomplishments... Mighty Math Mind, Razzle Dazzle Reader, 100 sight words, Wow Writer, Awesome Attitude and a Junior Ambassador! Go Emma!!
 We are so thankful for her teacher, Mrs. Fulghum and her principal, Mrs. Ferguson.
 I love this because Emma loves her counselor, Mrs. Mabry, and this looks like she feels the same way. I just love when other people love my kids! :) She got to spend a lot of time with her with Junior Ambassadors. And both times she was "caught" with Awesome Attitude, she chose to eat lunch with Mrs. Mabry as her reward! 
 Emma's cheering section! With Nana trying to pry Aiden's head up! He is NOT into pictures lately!
 Nanny and Emma (lol and Daddy on the phone in the background, as usual! ha!!)
 Family pic, minus Aiden.
 Emma and her friend, Diana. They are both such sweet girls!
Congratulations on your Kindergarten Graduation, Emma! We are so proud of you!!


  1. Oh, yes, please slow down those coming years!!!

    Such sweet pictures and that video, oh my, how cute are they?!?

  2. I'm cleaning out my garage today and I'm just about in tears packing up their baby things to give to Goodwill. Time just flies on by!!!!!

    Very sweet pictures. Congratulations Emma!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Emma!! and 2023 can't be only 12 years away!!! ? No, say it isn't so! Clay graduates in 2019, and it is TOO soon.
    THANK YOU for the honey-you are sooo sweet! (and it is too) ; ) Holly

  4. I remember those days... now my little girl is heading off to middle school... MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! ACK!!!

    Congrats Emma!

  5. wow congrats!!! so sweet, so special.. i hope time slows a little so we dont blink and hit 2023!!

  6. Congratulations, Sweet Emma!!! We are cheering you on from Texas!!!!