Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few more...

I found a few pictures from Aiden's last game and his soccer party. Go Little Raschals!!
 He hit the jackpot with the tickets at his party!
 Checking out his pizza!!
 Emma and Nana had fun too! :)
 Then, we got a second demo pod to try. He was so, so excited and we were too! Our only concern with it is that it came off within one day. Granted he messed with it constantly, but the pod came loose from the sticky part and let me tell you, that part was NOT coming off. We have really started looking into all of our options and we are so ready to be pumpers. I have been becoming more and more frustrated with not being able to keep up with his snacking. The kid is going to have to have 6 shots a day if he doesn't stop snacking how he is. But he is HUNGRY all. the. time. I feel like "I'm hungry" is all I ever hear!  
I just feel like such a failure as a pancreas lately. I am pretty sure I would be fired from my Chief Executive Pancreas position if there was anyone else that actually wanted the job. Yep, I would be out for sure! Glad I have a little job security! ;) He's high, high, high, then he's LOW. During the 5-4-3-2-1, I find myself praying, "please God let it be normal," at the same time that Aiden is saying "please be low, please be low" and when I look up he says "juice?" with a hopeful look. I can't decide if that is funny or sad, but either way, I wanted to remember it. ;) Have a great week!!   


  1. We did a saline trial then started our omnipod with insulin a few weeks ago. We purchased some arm/leg/stomach bands from bands for life...Since wearing those Isaac hasn't had a pod seperate from the adhesive any! He is very active..(when we did the demo/saline trial some of his pods started to seperate from the adhesive also.)

  2. I so know what that "praying" while waiting for the countdown is like.

  3. Oh gosh, sorry. I want you to be pumping too. : ( I understand hungry-Ethan is eating ALL THE TIME too!!! I think it's a growth spurt?
    You are SO not a failure. It's hard business.
    and I think it's funny, sweet, and sad. More sorry. Praying for you guys! Hugs, Holly

  4. Finally catching up on blogging. I love all the pictures on your blog. I've been bad about that, but I'm trying to work on it. : )

    Oh and NO FEELING LIKE A FAILURE! You're doing your best and tomorrow is another new day to try again.

    Thank goodness, right?!