Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy, busy...

This week we have had our first week with NOTHING to do! It has been pretty darn nice!! The last few weeks have been VERY busy so it was a welcome change!
 We had our LAST soccer game of the season. We are hoping to get to keep Emma's team together so that will be good!!
 Aiden also had his last game and he even SCORED a goal!! Go Aiden!! But the other team didn't show up so we were scrimmaging and I had to help coach so no pictures! :(
Emma had her last day of school. So bittersweet. It just brought back so many memories of the first day of school. Her first day picture is in front of the hospital. She was still full of smiles though! What a change in her over the last full year. I can safely say that this time last year, she was still very clingy and pretty shy. This year, not at all!! People were joking last night at the JDRF meeting that she was such a social butterfly! (More on that later!)
 This was also the last day. They all got shirts to wear and it was WATER day!! I need to add some pictures from my phone, but suffice it to say, she had FUN!
 We had the Ladybugs end of year soccer party. The girls chose necklaces instead of trophies and they are so cute!!
Emma, Savvy, Natalie, and Bella!! Such cuties!! 
We had a kick off  rally for our 2011 JDRF Walk - Lights, Camera, CURE! We are PUMPED!! We also got our shirts!! 
 The rally was at Arvest Ballpark during a Naturals game (they are our local minor league team). Our family got asked to play a game on the field. Matt, Aiden (I know!! I couldn't believe it either!!), Chas, Emma, and MaKayla represneted well!! They WON!!
 GO Evans/Reynolds family!!
 We also got to play with Mary Claire which you know Emma was very excited about!!
 Super Aiden's All-Stars!! This is just the beginning!! We are going to recruit A LOT more!!!! So watch out!
We had Emma's last t-ball game. And what a difference from the dirt kicker of a few weeks ago. Not that she is ARod, but much better and I think she had some fun too. :) 

 Emma and Natalie have become such buddies! :) So have their parents! Ha!! :)
 I can't believe I didn't get pictures of VBS last week, but Emma invited her bestie, Ella, and they had a great time! They wore a different color everyday and we were pretty pumped to have the appropriate color dress for each day except yellow! ;) But Friday night they had a pool party and not only did both kiddos kick bootie on the swimming test, they headed straight for the high dive and just jumped right off! Matt and I were pretty proud!! :)
 Emma did both the high dive and the slides too, but I guess I didn't get her picture! What is wrong with me!!
She had fun though and was very excited to go to a party that actually started at her bedtime!! ;) 

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  1. WOW, you have been busy. Your Walk Kick-Off is so nice!!!