Saturday, May 28, 2011


Emma and her fellow kindergartners got to go on a field trip to a local park and to the play Swimmy at the Walton Arts Center. Fun times! :)
 Mrs. Fulghum's class.
 Emma and Diana.
The girls in her class
 Emma and Mrs. Fulghum! She has been a great teacher! We love her to pieces!!
 At the castle.
After a picnic lunch, they headed to the WAC and got to see Swimmy!


  1. I LOVE Swimmy! Bridget made a painting of Swimmy when she was in K-garten.

  2. I love Swimmy-AND Wilson Park!! Looks like tons of fun!! : )

    ..and Go Limeades!! : ) She's super cute in her pink and green! hugs, Holly : )

  3. So fun! Swimmy is awesome! Looks like a great time!