Monday, May 30, 2011

Progress, Honey...

A little update on our building progress...
 Sand, I HATE YOU!!

 Granite and backsplash done!
 Roof and siding done.
Yay!! A liner and water!! The kids have been swimming pretty much every second that we have been home since it has been filling up. :) 
 Matt got honey from his own hives this year!! Our first honey! And we got 12 of those!! :) 


  1. Love the granite and backsplash! Gorgeous!
    Oooo...fresh honey, YUM!!

  2. Very pretty! The pool looks awesome! And your own bees??? Cool!

  3. Seriously, the place is looking awesome! AND the honey and the bees is such a unique hobby/experience.

  4. Hi Leigh I just wanted to say your kitchen is beautiful!!!
    My parents have bee hives and get stung an awful lot (ouch) glad to see youve got honey from them!

  5. It looks great, and the pool--crystal clear!! : )
    Your own honey? Can I have some if you have extra? I have heard you should eat local honey to help with allergies!! : ) Please? ; ) Holly

  6. The honey is FANTASTIC!!! The miniture honey bears make it even better! lol! When you are allowed to touch the sand I would like to come jump in the middle of it and make sand angles!!! ha ha!