Saturday, May 21, 2011

More spring soccer and Mother's Day

On Saturday, May 7 we got to have some soccer (a lot of games have been rained out this season!) But yay for 2 kids out on the field and actually playing! : )

 Aiden really does seem to be enjoying it this season. It makes me sad to think of what he was going through last season. He was dx right in the middle of it and I can so see it in his behavior now. : ( But I am so thankful to have had it dx'd before he got too sick and he is so much better this year! : )

 On Sunday, we had our annual breakfast at the park with Matt's family. Then we got to go to Mass with my mom and lunch at Burger Life (haha! Where you can pick your own fun! Haha! Story: I told Emma that it was a fun place and you could "pick your own BUN" but she thought I said pick your own FUN. She was slightly disappointed when we figured out the miscommunication, but we all really liked it anyway! :) ) Then we headed back to the park with Matt's family for another picnic and some good ol' family softball. Boys against Girls!

Girls RULE!! And for some reason there are NO pictures of me on Mother's Day! But it was a great day and I got some cute sunglasses and LOTS of hydrangeas and a dogwood! :) I know I put it on facebook, but I also really wanted to express my appreciation to the "new" moms in my life... my D-moms. I seriously could not have gotten through the last 9 months without all of them! What support they have provided!  : ) Thank you to all of them and of course my Mom (click here if you want to know how much I love my mom!); Stepmom, Bev; my mother-in-law, Leslie, my IRL BFF Merrilee, and also my Aunt Christy! And for sure lets not forget my awesome Nana and Aunt Mary, I know they are watching over me all the time (probably shaking their head at my kids' dirty fingernails! HA!)!!


  1. WOW...What a great update Leigh. AND, me too, I am thankful for all of you guys. I don't feel so alone and crazy any more...just "cRaZy".

  2. All of that sounds like a lot of fun!

    And I love the Burger Life story is too cute. :)

    Also love me some D Mamas. :)