Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter

Dying Easter Eggs!

 Emma's pink glitter egg! :)
 Their finished products.
Hunting eggs in a down pour at Nana's. Yeah, we are hard core with our egg hunts.
 Easter baskets.
 Aiden was so excited about his Cadbury Egg! All 24 grams of carbs!
 Emma was so excited to find the golden egg|!
 Miss Bed Head with her new tennis attire. :) Now that we got our tennis skirts, we are so excited to go play!
 After church picture. The day was just kind of blah.... It just seems like the day of Jesus' Resurrection should always we bright sunny and cheerful and it was just rainy and wet and cold.  We were all just wet and frizzy and Aiden wouldn't wear his Easter outfit , and Emma liked the $1 Target Easter hat better than the ones at Gymboree...grrr! But Jesus rose! So it was a great day nonetheless! :)
These little bundles of deliciousness didn't hurt either! ;)
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!


  1. You guys are gorgeous! Love the family pic. AND the Peep S'more-like concoction at the end looks terrific. What a great idea.

  2. I love that you are a 'hard core' family when it comes to hunting eggs ;)

    Your photos ALWAYS make me smile! Just a beautiful family you all make :)