Saturday, May 28, 2011

Go Limeades!

You know... I think the old saying goes...
When life gives you LIME GREEN softball jerseys, make L I M E A D E S !
Or something like that. ;)
 We had a break in the rain and actually got to take t-ball pictures.
 We have only gotten to have 1 game due to all the rain. But also due to that rain, we have 5  (as in F-I-V-E)games this week, including 2 double headers! For 6 year olds!?! Seriously?! But really we are excited to get to have some games! 
She was all ready to play!
She even looked really ready in the field.  
 And even backed people up! Go Coach Brad!
My little #2. (hahaha, not that kind of #2... my little girl who has always been the number 2 for every sport. LOL!)
 Lefty at bat...
 But her favorite thing is definitely running and getting to kick the dirt...
 Can you tell?
 She concentrates really hard on it. ;)
 Gooooo Limeades!!
Aiden had fun too and he is so excited to be able to play next year. :)

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  1. I love how girly-girl Emma is. The LIMEADES sound like a perfect match to those garish colored shirts ;). Great way to make lemonade (er, limeade) out of lemons! (uh, limes?) Wow. Must need more coffee ;)