Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 JDRF Hope Gala - Adventures in Wonderland

Saturday night was our Hope Gala. Emma was so excited to get all dressed up! Aiden and I... not so much! ; ) But I was so thankful because my Aunt Christy really hooked me up in the shoes/accessories department! Thanks Aunt Christy!!
  Everything about the Alice in Wonderland theme was just AMAZING! Everyone knows I love Disney with a passion, but this just confirmed it. They went all out!
The props were just unbelievable.

 And one of the best things about the Gala was getting to meet Miss Mary Claire and her mom. They were so sweet! Emma had so much fun playing with her. : )
 Emma was a stand-in Junior Ambassador  for Aiden. Here was the other best part of the Gala... During the Fund-a-Cure portion of the Gala, they raised almost $200,000. ALL FOR RESEARCH! Way to go Northwest Arkansas!! There was more for all of the auction items too!
 You can barely see, but Aiden did go on stage! I about died I was so shocked!!
 He had a pretty good time!
It was definitely an Adventure in Wonderland! 
By the way... this was my 200th post! Little did I know when I started this blog all the adventures that we would be having! Ha!!


  1. leigh, you are so beautiful! i love you!! wish i could have been there...i would have even dressed up:)

  2. Leigh! YOU ARE A HOTTIE!!! cool that you got to meet Holly and Mary Claire. The Gala seemed like a wonderful event that raised type 1 awareness and money to fund less laborious treatment regimens and ultimately, hopefully a CURE.