Monday, May 30, 2011

Progress, Honey...

A little update on our building progress...
 Sand, I HATE YOU!!

 Granite and backsplash done!
 Roof and siding done.
Yay!! A liner and water!! The kids have been swimming pretty much every second that we have been home since it has been filling up. :) 
 Matt got honey from his own hives this year!! Our first honey! And we got 12 of those!! :) 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Emma and her fellow kindergartners got to go on a field trip to a local park and to the play Swimmy at the Walton Arts Center. Fun times! :)
 Mrs. Fulghum's class.
 Emma and Diana.
The girls in her class
 Emma and Mrs. Fulghum! She has been a great teacher! We love her to pieces!!
 At the castle.
After a picnic lunch, they headed to the WAC and got to see Swimmy!

Go Limeades!

You know... I think the old saying goes...
When life gives you LIME GREEN softball jerseys, make L I M E A D E S !
Or something like that. ;)
 We had a break in the rain and actually got to take t-ball pictures.
 We have only gotten to have 1 game due to all the rain. But also due to that rain, we have 5  (as in F-I-V-E)games this week, including 2 double headers! For 6 year olds!?! Seriously?! But really we are excited to get to have some games! 
She was all ready to play!
She even looked really ready in the field.  
 And even backed people up! Go Coach Brad!
My little #2. (hahaha, not that kind of #2... my little girl who has always been the number 2 for every sport. LOL!)
 Lefty at bat...
 But her favorite thing is definitely running and getting to kick the dirt...
 Can you tell?
 She concentrates really hard on it. ;)
 Gooooo Limeades!!
Aiden had fun too and he is so excited to be able to play next year. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More spring soccer and Mother's Day

On Saturday, May 7 we got to have some soccer (a lot of games have been rained out this season!) But yay for 2 kids out on the field and actually playing! : )

 Aiden really does seem to be enjoying it this season. It makes me sad to think of what he was going through last season. He was dx right in the middle of it and I can so see it in his behavior now. : ( But I am so thankful to have had it dx'd before he got too sick and he is so much better this year! : )

 On Sunday, we had our annual breakfast at the park with Matt's family. Then we got to go to Mass with my mom and lunch at Burger Life (haha! Where you can pick your own fun! Haha! Story: I told Emma that it was a fun place and you could "pick your own BUN" but she thought I said pick your own FUN. She was slightly disappointed when we figured out the miscommunication, but we all really liked it anyway! :) ) Then we headed back to the park with Matt's family for another picnic and some good ol' family softball. Boys against Girls!

Girls RULE!! And for some reason there are NO pictures of me on Mother's Day! But it was a great day and I got some cute sunglasses and LOTS of hydrangeas and a dogwood! :) I know I put it on facebook, but I also really wanted to express my appreciation to the "new" moms in my life... my D-moms. I seriously could not have gotten through the last 9 months without all of them! What support they have provided!  : ) Thank you to all of them and of course my Mom (click here if you want to know how much I love my mom!); Stepmom, Bev; my mother-in-law, Leslie, my IRL BFF Merrilee, and also my Aunt Christy! And for sure lets not forget my awesome Nana and Aunt Mary, I know they are watching over me all the time (probably shaking their head at my kids' dirty fingernails! HA!)!!

Tooth Fairy and Feathers

Let's see.... where were we... Oh yeah... Emma had a loose tooth and she finally lost it!! YAY!! Just for our record keeping, that was May 5th at about 9pm (thank goodness for Facebook!) And it was a little bit of a dramatic/traumatic ordeal as you can see and it was BLOODY!!
 She had to call/text all the grandparents and aunts and uncles! :) Aiden was so excited for her!
 He was also excited that she lost the same tooth as he did.
 Now she's excited!!
 The tooth fairy left her $5 and also left glitter all over her pillow!! : )
The next day, we went with her friend Natalie to Pigtails and Crewcuts and got some feathers. She was VERY excited about that. : )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pump Envy??

Saturday night I was ready for Pump Class. At the Gala, I volunteered to watch over the junior ambassadors. We were sequestered to Studio B until it was time for them to do their "thang". And sitting at a table full of medtronic pumpers while they were all talking about their square and dual boluses and estimating carb counts for the pizza that we were served, I was ready to take the plunge! Everyone had received their pumps within 3-6 months of diagnosis. (We are 8.5 months into life with D) I could see all of the benefits of having a pump. Better control,more flexibilty in eating/snacking and being able to dose for smaller amounts, just to name a few. I was just sure when we went to our appointment last week with Aiden, with his little bruised arms and thighs, with him stating that he wanted a pump "hang" for his arm and asking if we could pick some up at the Dr.'s office that Dr. Maass would just say "sure, here ya' go." But instead, he said "I don't think we're ready, lets talk about it after summer." I was so bummed. Why weren't we ready? Are we not techy enough? Can he see my lack of organization and think that I won't be able to handle it? Are Aiden's numbers not good enough? Are we still honeymooning?

But just now after reading Hallie's post about The Scariest Night Ever I am once again scared poopless about them. There are just so many things that can go wrong and maybe there is a reason that our Endo is just so against it (for us, clearly he is not against it for everyone because all of those kids mentioned above are his patients too) for the time being. Maybe we will really just know when the right time will be. Now I just have Numbing Cream Envy. I have got to get me some of that!! ; )

I guess I just had to blog it out... I just read Hallie's post after checking Aiden's BG at 1am and I am just feeling sick. So sick for Sweet Pea and all that she had to go through and her sweet parents and what they had to see. We know how scary seizures can be and to just see your child so out of it and glassed over. It is just terrifying. We are so thankful that angels were with Sweets and her family, that her parents are ROCKSTARS, and that Sweet Pea is just fine now!! Thank you, Jesus!! ; )

And that is all. Sleep Tight!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 JDRF Hope Gala - Adventures in Wonderland

Saturday night was our Hope Gala. Emma was so excited to get all dressed up! Aiden and I... not so much! ; ) But I was so thankful because my Aunt Christy really hooked me up in the shoes/accessories department! Thanks Aunt Christy!!
  Everything about the Alice in Wonderland theme was just AMAZING! Everyone knows I love Disney with a passion, but this just confirmed it. They went all out!
The props were just unbelievable.

 And one of the best things about the Gala was getting to meet Miss Mary Claire and her mom. They were so sweet! Emma had so much fun playing with her. : )
 Emma was a stand-in Junior Ambassador  for Aiden. Here was the other best part of the Gala... During the Fund-a-Cure portion of the Gala, they raised almost $200,000. ALL FOR RESEARCH! Way to go Northwest Arkansas!! There was more for all of the auction items too!
 You can barely see, but Aiden did go on stage! I about died I was so shocked!!
 He had a pretty good time!
It was definitely an Adventure in Wonderland! 
By the way... this was my 200th post! Little did I know when I started this blog all the adventures that we would be having! Ha!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter

Dying Easter Eggs!

 Emma's pink glitter egg! :)
 Their finished products.
Hunting eggs in a down pour at Nana's. Yeah, we are hard core with our egg hunts.
 Easter baskets.
 Aiden was so excited about his Cadbury Egg! All 24 grams of carbs!
 Emma was so excited to find the golden egg|!
 Miss Bed Head with her new tennis attire. :) Now that we got our tennis skirts, we are so excited to go play!
 After church picture. The day was just kind of blah.... It just seems like the day of Jesus' Resurrection should always we bright sunny and cheerful and it was just rainy and wet and cold.  We were all just wet and frizzy and Aiden wouldn't wear his Easter outfit , and Emma liked the $1 Target Easter hat better than the ones at Gymboree...grrr! But Jesus rose! So it was a great day nonetheless! :)
These little bundles of deliciousness didn't hurt either! ;)
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!