Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Soccer - First Games

Quick pool update... We have a big ol' hole. And Aiden LOVES watching the dump trucks, backhoes, etc. that have been there working on it. He has been "helping" a lot.
 Aiden has been so excited for actual games to start. He asked me everyday if they get to "fight" a team today. So Saturday morning they finally got to fight some teams. :) Ladybugs squared off first. They have a great little team! Even the ones who didn't want to play much last time are getting out there and kicking some bootie. Emma is really good, but tends to be a little on the lazy side. ;) Ha! She likes her breaks, for sure!
 Aiden got an action shot of Coach Daddy.
 Goooo Ladybugs!
 Then it was Aiden's turn to "fight" a team! He did amazing. Last season, he wouldn't even go on the field. He was diagnosed right before our first game last season and you can tell such a difference in how he acts and feels. And Matt and I too. Last season we freaked out about everything from snacks to mid-game blood sugar checks (and he didn't even get out of his chair!). But this time he went out there and played and did amazing and we didn't even freak out at 50 g of carbs for a snack! Yay us! We almost felt, dare I say... NORMAL!! Ha!
 Playing hard... tongue out!
 Good game, good game, good game...
 Gooooo Little Rascals!!
It was a good start to the season. :)


  1. Normal is good! No.... Normal is amazing!!

    Love the pics! Can't wait to see the pool!!

  2. OMG - Nate would be freaking out watching all of the trucks and such in the back yard!

    When will the pool be ready?

    I love the soccer pics - I can't wait for Nate to start playing!!

  3. Great pics! I love being able to feel normal once in a while.

    And a pool! How exciting! I remember when I was little and our pool was being put in. That giant hole in the dirt was every bit as exciting before the pool was done as it was afterward! Can't wait to see when it's finished!