Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Matt cut down some trees.... then it fell the complete opposite direction that he thought it would and straight toward Aiden and I. Aiden's eye got scratched from the debris. Poor little guy!
 This one is gonna get it next. :( I am sad because it has just grown so much since we moved here. But it will be worth it... Because we are getting a pool!! YAY! I am soooo excited. I really think that will be something that will be great for getting lots of exercise this summer. Always a plus. :)
 Matt had a big Tyson Biz Quiz competition today. His team was called "Aiden's Heroes". They were in the top 12 teams, but sadly didn't win today. But we are still super proud of him! He studied so hard (much harder than I EVER saw him study in high school or college!) and he knew all of his answers in his section.
 And Grandpa took a BIG ol' gulp of this and then we found out it was a "science experience" (aka experiment) that Aiden had put back into the fridge. "It was a soap experience!" Poor Grandpa had a rough day! Talk about cleansing the system! ;)
That's about it. Have a great week!!


  1. YAY on the pool! AND...the "science experiment" cracked me up!!! That could SO happen around here Leigh. xoxo

  2. Thanks for the giggle about Grandpa, Leigh. I needed that!

    Did you say P-O-O-L? I think this summer would be a perfect time for us to come and visit y'all . . . . for like a month. Yep, I'll start scouring the airlines for cheap flights ;)

  3. Poor Gramps!!!

    And pool!?! I'll be right there....

  4. OMG - poor grandpa! I feel bad cause I'm still laughing!! :)

    So, when's the 1st pool party?? I'll bring the guacamole!! :)