Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been a busy week...

Emma started softball this week... She loves to kick her some dirt.
 And take her some breaks...
 They poured some cement around the edge of the pool. And Aiden supervised...

 We went to the Razorfest Red/White game with some friends...

 Emma had to show Ella one of her SIX loose teeth. Finally! :) What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days, anyway?

 We cheered for #74, Brey Cook! He's a local boy who is gonna do big things for the HOGS this year! Go Brey!
 Emma found Sooie. :)
LOL!! My football-and-baseball-playing-stud-of-a-cousin was in a Miss West Fork GUY Pageant to raise money for their school's Project Graduation. LOL! Go Tay-licious!  
 What a HUNK cutie!!
Tay-licious and his her sisters! (And Emma)
 We colored Easter Eggs. Five years ago we announced this little guy's impending arrival during the Annual Egg Dying Event at Nanny and Papa's house. :)
 Time Flies!!

 Hail!! Here's my story about this... The kids and I were on the back porch watching the hail and Aiden got pinged by a little piece that bounced on the porch. Later, we went in because it was time for supper. When I did his blood sugar, he said "Ow! That hurt like hail!" Soooo funny! That boy is cracking me up this week!!
 Falling hail = no pool progress! Might have to delay the party a week or so! :( 
 Today we went on a feild trip with Emma's class to Hobbs State Park. What a great way to kick off Earth Day! She just better keep that snake far, far, away!! I loved that when she asked what you did if you saw a snake, all the kids yelled "kill it". How very redneck southern. :) But I was totally thinking the same thing. ;)
 They learned the life cycle of a frog.

 And met a toad.
 And went on a bird watching hike.
 Get a good look, this might be the last picture of Emma with all her baby teeth! :)
Have an awesome Good Friday and a very Happy Easter!!


  1. Did you have time to sleep or eat this week, Leigh?! Hot heckers you were one busy mama ;)

    "Ow! That hurt like hail!". Totally made me laugh out loud at the computer!

    The pool is looking mighty fine. I am thinking about doing a little fake baking before I come down (you are south of me, right?!) for the opening party. I son't want to scare anyone with my pasty white skin.

    Emma and her pink softball team is just so stinkin cute! Great for photos . . keep 'em coming.

  2. I just had to stop and say that "Tay-licious" is super hot!!!!

  3. Hey girl!! : ) So glad to meet you and hang out for H-O-U-R-S tonight!! : ) We had fun!!
    and looks like you had an awesome week! woohoo! Love us some razorbacks too!! : ) Hugs, Holly