Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been a busy week...

Emma started softball this week... She loves to kick her some dirt.
 And take her some breaks...
 They poured some cement around the edge of the pool. And Aiden supervised...

 We went to the Razorfest Red/White game with some friends...

 Emma had to show Ella one of her SIX loose teeth. Finally! :) What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days, anyway?

 We cheered for #74, Brey Cook! He's a local boy who is gonna do big things for the HOGS this year! Go Brey!
 Emma found Sooie. :)
LOL!! My football-and-baseball-playing-stud-of-a-cousin was in a Miss West Fork GUY Pageant to raise money for their school's Project Graduation. LOL! Go Tay-licious!  
 What a HUNK cutie!!
Tay-licious and his her sisters! (And Emma)
 We colored Easter Eggs. Five years ago we announced this little guy's impending arrival during the Annual Egg Dying Event at Nanny and Papa's house. :)
 Time Flies!!

 Hail!! Here's my story about this... The kids and I were on the back porch watching the hail and Aiden got pinged by a little piece that bounced on the porch. Later, we went in because it was time for supper. When I did his blood sugar, he said "Ow! That hurt like hail!" Soooo funny! That boy is cracking me up this week!!
 Falling hail = no pool progress! Might have to delay the party a week or so! :( 
 Today we went on a feild trip with Emma's class to Hobbs State Park. What a great way to kick off Earth Day! She just better keep that snake far, far, away!! I loved that when she asked what you did if you saw a snake, all the kids yelled "kill it". How very redneck southern. :) But I was totally thinking the same thing. ;)
 They learned the life cycle of a frog.

 And met a toad.
 And went on a bird watching hike.
 Get a good look, this might be the last picture of Emma with all her baby teeth! :)
Have an awesome Good Friday and a very Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Dandy-Lions", Diabetes, and Dog Woods

For some reason... this "dandy-lion" reminds me a little of diabetes... So our azalea was just going along doing fine and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, this ugly weed just comes up and freakin' takes over everything! WTH!?! It started off small, I didn't even know it was there. Ok, so that is the extent of my deepness and in case you were wondering, I ripped that sucker out of there. :) I wish I could do that with diabetes. Maybe someday. ;) 

But on a super happy note, I just love these dogwoods that are just randomly all over our neighborhood. I just wanted to remember that. :)

 And this little guy was being so cute but got shy when I pulled out the camera. But he has been going to preschool half days this week and it has been GREAT!!! YAY! I was slightly worried the first day when I picked him up and he was 52, but I just decreased his insulin and viola... he was high! LOL! I bet you thought I was going to say he was right on target, but no... that would be too easy. So a little more tweaking for me to figure out, but my little paper (aka carb ratios and sliding scale) does not factor in stress (he is being brave, but you can tell it stresses him at drop off) or increased activity (I love watching him play before he realizes I am there!) so it is getting jacked up a little. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a nice little formula that actually would take everything that affects D into consideration and then pop out a perfect dose for the situation? But besides that, it is going so much better than I could have ever hoped for!
Emma starts softball practice tonight so I am sure there will be more pictures coming soon!! :) And as for a pool update, we have a metal frame and steps! And Amy, Hallie, and Laura and everyone else in the DOC, OH MY GOSH, you have no idea how much I would love for you to come!! We plan to party all summer!! Make your reservations now! Ha!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Soccer - First Games

Quick pool update... We have a big ol' hole. And Aiden LOVES watching the dump trucks, backhoes, etc. that have been there working on it. He has been "helping" a lot.
 Aiden has been so excited for actual games to start. He asked me everyday if they get to "fight" a team today. So Saturday morning they finally got to fight some teams. :) Ladybugs squared off first. They have a great little team! Even the ones who didn't want to play much last time are getting out there and kicking some bootie. Emma is really good, but tends to be a little on the lazy side. ;) Ha! She likes her breaks, for sure!
 Aiden got an action shot of Coach Daddy.
 Goooo Ladybugs!
 Then it was Aiden's turn to "fight" a team! He did amazing. Last season, he wouldn't even go on the field. He was diagnosed right before our first game last season and you can tell such a difference in how he acts and feels. And Matt and I too. Last season we freaked out about everything from snacks to mid-game blood sugar checks (and he didn't even get out of his chair!). But this time he went out there and played and did amazing and we didn't even freak out at 50 g of carbs for a snack! Yay us! We almost felt, dare I say... NORMAL!! Ha!
 Playing hard... tongue out!
 Good game, good game, good game...
 Gooooo Little Rascals!!
It was a good start to the season. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Matt cut down some trees.... then it fell the complete opposite direction that he thought it would and straight toward Aiden and I. Aiden's eye got scratched from the debris. Poor little guy!
 This one is gonna get it next. :( I am sad because it has just grown so much since we moved here. But it will be worth it... Because we are getting a pool!! YAY! I am soooo excited. I really think that will be something that will be great for getting lots of exercise this summer. Always a plus. :)
 Matt had a big Tyson Biz Quiz competition today. His team was called "Aiden's Heroes". They were in the top 12 teams, but sadly didn't win today. But we are still super proud of him! He studied so hard (much harder than I EVER saw him study in high school or college!) and he knew all of his answers in his section.
 And Grandpa took a BIG ol' gulp of this and then we found out it was a "science experience" (aka experiment) that Aiden had put back into the fridge. "It was a soap experience!" Poor Grandpa had a rough day! Talk about cleansing the system! ;)
That's about it. Have a great week!!

Happy 1st Birthday Yunice! Tea Party Time!

All the girls with the birthday girl!
 Me and Emma in our hats
 I am loving this shot of Uncle Terry. Aiden took it and it looks so photo journalistic, like it needs to be in a newspaper article :)
 Happy Birthday to Yunice!
 LOL!! He is so going to hate for this!! ;)

JDRF Open Gym

First of all, we had to show our FAVORITE Dr's. Some Doctor's Day love!! Dr. Lovell is our most amazing pediatrician. He was there for both births, both of Aiden's hospitalizations, and Emma's tubes. We LOVE Dr. LOVEll. :) And don't even get me started on our awesome Endocrinologist, Dr. Maass! He is awesome!! He is always there for us and all of our questions! We wouldn't know what to do without him!
 Then Saturday was our Open Gym fundraiser. It wasn't too successful, financially, but we had a really good time so that is good!

Cousins :) 

 Emma giving a shout out to miss Sweet Pea!! Holla!! ;)