Thursday, March 31, 2011


SPRING Decorations!
I am totally loving the poly mesh ribbon!! And Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons!
SPRING Soccer (practice)!

 SPRING Break (art day at the Jones Center, aka Jonas Center)!
And please note Aiden's latest fashion... He ALWAYS wears his pajamas under his clothes. ALWAYS! Sometimes it is ok, like when the pajamas are short sleeved and you can't tell, but sometimes like above and below... not so cool. :) But Emma did the same thing. I know I took her to daycare at least once in a Snow White dress with Spiderman pajamas underneath. :)

SPRING Break mini trips!
 To Silver Dollar City (smelling the "stinky trees", aka Bradford Pears)
Chillin' at Silver Dollar City - in 80 degree weather. WooHoo!
To the zoo with Daddy!

Getting ready for Kansas City!

Oh yeah! Cheesecake Factory and I really thought we had our first and last of that 2 weeks before his diagnosis in LA. Thank you, Humalog! :)

SPRING'n for Kanani!

Spending her own money!
Our Kanani hair tutorial. :)

I know... that one was a stretch! LOL! I ran out of Spring-y words. :)

I love how he is always so serious about washing them! And let me just go ahead and admit... I have not one single time gotten through the little heart/stuffing ceremony with out getting tears in my eyes! I am not even kidding. Not once. And Matt makes fun of me everytime. That's just a little interesting tidbit. You're welcome. :)
Aiden's dino, Sweetie.

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. We called our order in on this phone and a train brought us our food and dropped it on a tray that brought it down to our table! Neatest thing ever!!

 SPRING Blizzard?! WTH!?!

 and finally... SPRING into Action!!
Hope you are having a Happy SPRING so far!!