Friday, March 11, 2011

Cross Kidz!

For the first time since his dx in August, Aiden went back to preschool! Granted its only 1 day a week... for 2 hours... and I went with him... but its a start! Hopefully, next week he will stay by himself for the whole 2 hours! He really had fun when he knew that I was staying.
He was so excited about painting and snack time (which was DOUBLE UGH - Freakin' Cupcakes!! Which I wanted to let him have so he would feel "part of the group" and "normal" etc. But we will usually bring snacks) and I was excited that:
1. It is part of a larger Christian school so they have a school nurse on staff all the time.
2. All the kids there knew all of their letters and sounds
3. It is only minutes from where I work (and Matt, my mom, and my aunt Christy too!) so someone can get to him in a hurry if he needs it!
4. They have a bible story time, pe time, and craft time all within the 2 hours that he is there.
5. And finally, his teacher is Type 2 so she knows how to do blood sugars, and what to watch for if he is high or low (which unfortunately looks a lot like when he is being shy and will be I am sure what he looks like most of the time for a while.)
The only negative (and this would be with any place)...we left around 11:30 and later in the afternoon, his bg was in the 300's. Was it just because it was so stressful for him? And how bad will it be when I actually leave him? I don't want him to go into DKA just because I want him to have a few hours of fun! UGH!


  1. AWWW...that is fantastic Leigh! He AND you are gonna do great. It is hard for sure, but such a worthwhile step. Keep us in the loop on how he is doing.

  2. Sounds like a good situation! Nice that his teacher has some experience so you can feel safe leaving him there. I'm sure you will figure it out as you get into the groove of it all.