Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday's and Terrific Kid!

On Sunday, we FINALLY got to get together to celebrate Mom and my Uncle John's birthdays!
There was a magician to entertain us while we waited for our food and seriously... He was AMAZING!! He made a bottle disappear! I am not kidding! He hit it right into the table and it was just gone!
Cousin LOVE!

Matt and Aiden were twins for Church that morning. :-)

And on Monday, when I picked Emma up from school, she had a little good news. She said "Momma, I got to move my sprinkle (that means she got tested on her sight words and passed so she got to move her "sprinkle" up to the next ice cream scoop on the big ice cream cone outside their classroom door), and.... I got caught with Awesome Attitude... and oh yeah, this is the best one yet... (I was thinking that nothing could top those things!!) I was a Terrific Kid!!" That is a pretty big deal in our town. You see lots of orange bumper stickers around town that say "I have a Terrific Kid" and now we are a member of the club! YAY!! There is NO way Matt will let me put an orange bumber sticker on the car, but we will figure out something. ;) And she is lookin' a little rough after school all day, but here she is with her certificate!! She was a littl ticked that I delayed her strip-her-clothes-and-drop-them-on-the-floor-and-put-on-pajamas routine that she does as soon as she walks in the door. ;-)

Yay for good days... because Tuesday night and Wednesday SUCKED!! Aiden was HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!!! 520 was the highest and 299 was lowest we saw that whole time! You know, until we changed out insulin and "rage bolused" (i.e. take that 429!) and then he went right down to a 59. Sweet. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I just hate it when you are going a long and your ratios are working and it is all dandy and then it just doesn't work and you have NO idea why! And you don't sleep, and you second guess yourself (and your spouse  - grrr) and it is just all round bad. Oh, well... with the name AIDEN maybe he will have the luck of the Irish today. ;-) That's what we'll hope anyway.

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