Thursday, March 31, 2011


SPRING Decorations!
I am totally loving the poly mesh ribbon!! And Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons!
SPRING Soccer (practice)!

 SPRING Break (art day at the Jones Center, aka Jonas Center)!
And please note Aiden's latest fashion... He ALWAYS wears his pajamas under his clothes. ALWAYS! Sometimes it is ok, like when the pajamas are short sleeved and you can't tell, but sometimes like above and below... not so cool. :) But Emma did the same thing. I know I took her to daycare at least once in a Snow White dress with Spiderman pajamas underneath. :)

SPRING Break mini trips!
 To Silver Dollar City (smelling the "stinky trees", aka Bradford Pears)
Chillin' at Silver Dollar City - in 80 degree weather. WooHoo!
To the zoo with Daddy!

Getting ready for Kansas City!

Oh yeah! Cheesecake Factory and I really thought we had our first and last of that 2 weeks before his diagnosis in LA. Thank you, Humalog! :)

SPRING'n for Kanani!

Spending her own money!
Our Kanani hair tutorial. :)

I know... that one was a stretch! LOL! I ran out of Spring-y words. :)

I love how he is always so serious about washing them! And let me just go ahead and admit... I have not one single time gotten through the little heart/stuffing ceremony with out getting tears in my eyes! I am not even kidding. Not once. And Matt makes fun of me everytime. That's just a little interesting tidbit. You're welcome. :)
Aiden's dino, Sweetie.

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. We called our order in on this phone and a train brought us our food and dropped it on a tray that brought it down to our table! Neatest thing ever!!

 SPRING Blizzard?! WTH!?!

 and finally... SPRING into Action!!
Hope you are having a Happy SPRING so far!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's!

Look what the leprechaun did!! We were totally going to set a trap to catch him, but Aiden wasn't so sure he wanted a leprechaun in our house. Now he is all set to build the trap with his tools.
Yummy breakfast!
Kind of disheveled kiddos gettin' their green on. I was too freakin' busy making rainbows and shamrocks to actually fix hair and zip jackets! Can't win em'all! I was just thankful for Aiden to be starting the day with a BG of  99 and not 599 so I am not complaining. :-)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Birthday's and Terrific Kid!

On Sunday, we FINALLY got to get together to celebrate Mom and my Uncle John's birthdays!
There was a magician to entertain us while we waited for our food and seriously... He was AMAZING!! He made a bottle disappear! I am not kidding! He hit it right into the table and it was just gone!
Cousin LOVE!

Matt and Aiden were twins for Church that morning. :-)

And on Monday, when I picked Emma up from school, she had a little good news. She said "Momma, I got to move my sprinkle (that means she got tested on her sight words and passed so she got to move her "sprinkle" up to the next ice cream scoop on the big ice cream cone outside their classroom door), and.... I got caught with Awesome Attitude... and oh yeah, this is the best one yet... (I was thinking that nothing could top those things!!) I was a Terrific Kid!!" That is a pretty big deal in our town. You see lots of orange bumper stickers around town that say "I have a Terrific Kid" and now we are a member of the club! YAY!! There is NO way Matt will let me put an orange bumber sticker on the car, but we will figure out something. ;) And she is lookin' a little rough after school all day, but here she is with her certificate!! She was a littl ticked that I delayed her strip-her-clothes-and-drop-them-on-the-floor-and-put-on-pajamas routine that she does as soon as she walks in the door. ;-)

Yay for good days... because Tuesday night and Wednesday SUCKED!! Aiden was HIGH, HIGH, HIGH!!! 520 was the highest and 299 was lowest we saw that whole time! You know, until we changed out insulin and "rage bolused" (i.e. take that 429!) and then he went right down to a 59. Sweet. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I just hate it when you are going a long and your ratios are working and it is all dandy and then it just doesn't work and you have NO idea why! And you don't sleep, and you second guess yourself (and your spouse  - grrr) and it is just all round bad. Oh, well... with the name AIDEN maybe he will have the luck of the Irish today. ;-) That's what we'll hope anyway.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cross Kidz!

For the first time since his dx in August, Aiden went back to preschool! Granted its only 1 day a week... for 2 hours... and I went with him... but its a start! Hopefully, next week he will stay by himself for the whole 2 hours! He really had fun when he knew that I was staying.
He was so excited about painting and snack time (which was DOUBLE UGH - Freakin' Cupcakes!! Which I wanted to let him have so he would feel "part of the group" and "normal" etc. But we will usually bring snacks) and I was excited that:
1. It is part of a larger Christian school so they have a school nurse on staff all the time.
2. All the kids there knew all of their letters and sounds
3. It is only minutes from where I work (and Matt, my mom, and my aunt Christy too!) so someone can get to him in a hurry if he needs it!
4. They have a bible story time, pe time, and craft time all within the 2 hours that he is there.
5. And finally, his teacher is Type 2 so she knows how to do blood sugars, and what to watch for if he is high or low (which unfortunately looks a lot like when he is being shy and will be I am sure what he looks like most of the time for a while.)
The only negative (and this would be with any place)...we left around 11:30 and later in the afternoon, his bg was in the 300's. Was it just because it was so stressful for him? And how bad will it be when I actually leave him? I don't want him to go into DKA just because I want him to have a few hours of fun! UGH!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a few new pictures...

What have we been up to lately?
We've just been doing some science experiments...
Emma came up with this one... she told me that she was studying solids, liquids, and gas. :) Grandpa was so proud!! This is what I found in the freezer the next morning!?! WTH?!

Playing some t-ball/dodge ball on the trampoline...
...This just can't end well!

We celebrated President's Day.

We got ready for school picture day.

We had a concert...
And apparently, we abused poor Dottie.
And finally, we played some soccer...
Aiden has the black coat in the middle. Yay for him being in the middle of things!! Big step! I need to post more... Stay tuned... :)