Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day, Part Three

We are on Snow Day, Part Three (day 3 of missing school this week) here in the ozarks. :) We are doing lots of dress up this time around. It is COLD outside! Today they had a pretend Juicy Juice sale. ;) We seem to have an abundance of that so that was good. The good news about his girl pj's is that he is wearing boy underwear under them. He is usually commando (aka ballin' - Thanks a lot Daddy)!
 We spent a little time this afternoon playing in the snow. But it was too dry for a snowman. Sorry, Amy!! ;)

 Notice his tongue sticking out in the picture below. Lesson to Aiden: Don't do everything your sister tells you to do. (It didn't stick though, so that was good. ;) We didn't want to go all 'A Christmas Story' today.) Ha!
 Bella didn't really enjoy the snow...
 My little snow angels.
 More dress up. This is such a change! They are usually princesses! Yay for some boy dress up clothes!
 Spiderman girl.
 I finally figured out that they were front of the bubble maker. All while laughing hysterically. Weirdos!! But I have to admit, they have been pretty good about entertaining themselves in very short increments. ;)
 Backing up a little bit. We had a SUPER fun, spring-like, weekend. It was so nice and pretty outside - like in the high 60s. We also had one of Emma's friend's birthday parties. They were so excited to try out their new skates that they got for Christmas.

 And in the morning, Emma and Ella went to a Dance camp at the Junior High that I went to. ;) They are between the 2 WJHS Pom Girls.(Emma's in her Dream Team shirt.) They had so much fun and they are supposed to perform at a game tomorrow night, but it isn't looking good with all the snow!
Fun Times!!

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