Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SKIDADDLE on over to the Princess and the Pump

You have got to jump right on over to the Princess and the Pump's latest giveaway! It is just awesome!

This company is amazing. The founder and CEO has a daughter with Type 1. Leave it to a D-Mama to come up with the perfect thing to keep our scattered selves more organized! :)

I borrowed this picture of the inside of Sweet Pea's bag. Look how organized! I would show you a picture of our D-Bag (hahahaha!) but it is just embarassing.
So scoot on over to the Princess and the Pump to enter a chance to win, but don't be too disappointed when I win it! Haha! Just kidding, but it would be AWESOME!!


  1. These are certainly adorable and functional and just plain cute. Love the story and how the company came to be!

  2. Love them...I could stand to "cuten-up" my Woodchuck! Although, you guys may think less of me! :)