Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roller Coaster...

(Pretend I am Hallie and I have Roller Coaster playing in the background!) :)
We seem to be on a big ol' roller coaster this week. We have been all over the place in several ways...

1. Blood Sugar - we have had our new all time high (493) and our new all time low (31). Both just really shook me up. He usually is higher at dinner time and bed time and we have been following our sliding scale to the letter for about 3 weeks. Meaning that our "vanilla" One Daily Injection is now really MDI and has been at least 3 or 4 daily injections. He has been doing great with them. But we have been trying to be really aggressive about following it so we wouldn't be higher at those times (dinner and bedtime) and this week we have been crazy high at lunch! WTH? Tuesday was the 493 and today was 367. So I have been covering/correcting and then he drops pretty low pretty quickly. Yesterday he was down to 76 in 2 hours and just hoovered right there despite giving 2 pieces of peanut butter toast (about an hour apart). Today he dropped from the 367 to 52 in about an hour! How is that even possible? Then he has been in range for dinner. The low of 31 was after the birthday party on Saturday. It was a skating party on Saturday evening and we covered for his cookie and Mrs. Karen was super awesome and had LOTS of diet drinks so Aiden was super excited! ;) And then we went to Oliver Garden where he had his "usual" 5 plates of parmesan cheese and 1.5 breadsticks (which we covered for). And we was fine at bed time (126) and then 330 at 12am. WTH again! So I made the WORST MISTAKE EVER and corrected. What was I thinking?? When I checked him at 2 (Thank you Jesus! I usually check at 3) it was 31!! WTH #3!
2. Weather - 68 degrees on Saturday and 1 degree today. WTH?
3. Emma and Aiden - They're BFFs, They're enemies, They love each other ("yee chother" per Emma), They hate each other, They are playing well together, They are trying to kill each other...

So... I love me some roller coasters, but I am ready for the merry-go-round for a little while!


  1. So funny! Guess what I started singing as soon as I read your title!?! Yup! You called it!

    Ugh! I'm sorry. The rollercoaster is no fun. Maybe it's his ISF. Sweet's ISF has changed over time- she's gotten more sensitive. I'm no expert but my guess would be that if he's dropping like that so soon after a correction that it's the ISF.

    The Olive Garden experience could be due to a delayed high... As in the insulin to cover ran out before the food. That would a combo bolus situation but do t ask me how to do that. We haven't ever really found the need for one. Every now and then we have an experience like that and I'll think that I better figure it out... And then she eats it again and has no problems.

    D is such fun! What would we spend our time on without it!?!
    Hang in there- I hope the ride ends soon!

    And 60?!? After the winter we've been having, that would feel like a heat wave! We'd be breaking out the shorts! Single digits here tomorrow, too! Ugh!

  2. Stop the madness, I need to get off!


    What Hallie said on the ISF...sounds too strong and I hope I am not offending you if you already figured that out...which you most likely did :)

    And...too on the combo...but are you on shots? I have heard of people splitting insulin doses and giving 1/2 up front and like 1/2 in a couple of hours for "Problem Foods".

    xoxo. Keep rockin' the 'betes Mama Pancreas!

  4. Whoahhhhh - your blog looks GOOD!
    And my head is spinning as I am singing Roller Coaster . . . .haahaha!! And you do not even want to hear me sing 'cause I can't!! :)

    I'm sorry D is being so rotten - I'd be happy to brainstorm with you but you may have already gotten figured out from the comments of the smart ladies that have commented before me.

    Email me or call me - - we've been iced in for 4 days --- I'll be here again all day tomorrow. :)

  5. Um, I just now noticed I wasn't a 'follower' of your blog. What is up with that?! Fixed that . . . . sorry!

    Oh, and I have absolutely NO advice for you. How's that! Oh my. The negative wind chills are messing with my remaining brain cells. Ugh