Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines, like Halloween, just wasn't quite as fun with Diabetes. But we sucked it up and made it the best we could make it. ;) We tried to be all fancy with our heart-shaped waffles and my Nana's white table cloth. Then we took it one step too far with the hot chocolate in the plastic champagne glasses. Within 2 seconds Emma's hot chocolate was spilled all over the white (priceless to me) table cloth and all over Matt. Thank goodness for Oxy Clean!
 Emma had a blast at her class party!
 I need to get a better shot of this face that she makes. It is the I-Just-Did-Something-Either-Naughty-or-Really-Silly face. We have seen it a lot lately! ;) Ha! But she was "caught with awesome attitude" this week! Love that girl!
 This is the only picture I got of the kiddos together.
 This picture is also just priceless to me. Aiden has really been coming out of his shell a little in the last month or so. He had so much fun just striking up a conversation with one of the boys from Emma's class. That did this "D-Mom" a world of good!
 They were so cute!
 And just for tradition... This is my most favorite Valentine picture EVER!!

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