Friday, February 18, 2011


After 2 postponements due to snow, Emma and Ella finally got to do their dance at a basketball game. :) It was the cutest dance to Hannah Montana's Rockstar! They were Rockstars!
They did so well! I am positive that not too long ago, neither one of them would have gone near the court, much less actually danced in front of people. But they went out there and did a great job! They were so cute.

Emma and Ella... Best.Friends.Forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines, like Halloween, just wasn't quite as fun with Diabetes. But we sucked it up and made it the best we could make it. ;) We tried to be all fancy with our heart-shaped waffles and my Nana's white table cloth. Then we took it one step too far with the hot chocolate in the plastic champagne glasses. Within 2 seconds Emma's hot chocolate was spilled all over the white (priceless to me) table cloth and all over Matt. Thank goodness for Oxy Clean!
 Emma had a blast at her class party!
 I need to get a better shot of this face that she makes. It is the I-Just-Did-Something-Either-Naughty-or-Really-Silly face. We have seen it a lot lately! ;) Ha! But she was "caught with awesome attitude" this week! Love that girl!
 This is the only picture I got of the kiddos together.
 This picture is also just priceless to me. Aiden has really been coming out of his shell a little in the last month or so. He had so much fun just striking up a conversation with one of the boys from Emma's class. That did this "D-Mom" a world of good!
 They were so cute!
 And just for tradition... This is my most favorite Valentine picture EVER!!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Last Friday, Matt turned 35!! I mean I knew we were going to grow old together, but good grief... we are getting old faster than I thought! Ha!
 Matt LOVES the Friday night seafood/prime rib buffet at a local hotel. The week of Matt's birthday, just happen to always have a Valentine's special where you get the buffet, a room, champagne, chocolates, and even a rose! So we went for it this year. The kids were so excited to get to swim. Especially since we had been drowning in snow most of the week!

 Cute little Ella got to use that cute little swim suit! :)

Emma and Aiden thought this was Daddy's best birthday ever!!
The next day we had another birthday party and even more swimming. :)
Aiden loves his Chas!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The BIG Snow

Last Wednesday, this is what we woke up to and it just kept snowing, and snowing, and snowing!

  We ended up with about 20 inches with some around us saying they got around 24 inches. It was unbelievable!!
This was our road.
And our house from the road
And the PILES of snow on everything!
We played even more dress up and rarely got out of our pj's. :)
But we finally got to build some snowmen!! Here's our snow family.
Happy Winter!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SKIDADDLE on over to the Princess and the Pump

You have got to jump right on over to the Princess and the Pump's latest giveaway! It is just awesome!

This company is amazing. The founder and CEO has a daughter with Type 1. Leave it to a D-Mama to come up with the perfect thing to keep our scattered selves more organized! :)

I borrowed this picture of the inside of Sweet Pea's bag. Look how organized! I would show you a picture of our D-Bag (hahahaha!) but it is just embarassing.
So scoot on over to the Princess and the Pump to enter a chance to win, but don't be too disappointed when I win it! Haha! Just kidding, but it would be AWESOME!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roller Coaster...

(Pretend I am Hallie and I have Roller Coaster playing in the background!) :)
We seem to be on a big ol' roller coaster this week. We have been all over the place in several ways...

1. Blood Sugar - we have had our new all time high (493) and our new all time low (31). Both just really shook me up. He usually is higher at dinner time and bed time and we have been following our sliding scale to the letter for about 3 weeks. Meaning that our "vanilla" One Daily Injection is now really MDI and has been at least 3 or 4 daily injections. He has been doing great with them. But we have been trying to be really aggressive about following it so we wouldn't be higher at those times (dinner and bedtime) and this week we have been crazy high at lunch! WTH? Tuesday was the 493 and today was 367. So I have been covering/correcting and then he drops pretty low pretty quickly. Yesterday he was down to 76 in 2 hours and just hoovered right there despite giving 2 pieces of peanut butter toast (about an hour apart). Today he dropped from the 367 to 52 in about an hour! How is that even possible? Then he has been in range for dinner. The low of 31 was after the birthday party on Saturday. It was a skating party on Saturday evening and we covered for his cookie and Mrs. Karen was super awesome and had LOTS of diet drinks so Aiden was super excited! ;) And then we went to Oliver Garden where he had his "usual" 5 plates of parmesan cheese and 1.5 breadsticks (which we covered for). And we was fine at bed time (126) and then 330 at 12am. WTH again! So I made the WORST MISTAKE EVER and corrected. What was I thinking?? When I checked him at 2 (Thank you Jesus! I usually check at 3) it was 31!! WTH #3!
2. Weather - 68 degrees on Saturday and 1 degree today. WTH?
3. Emma and Aiden - They're BFFs, They're enemies, They love each other ("yee chother" per Emma), They hate each other, They are playing well together, They are trying to kill each other...

So... I love me some roller coasters, but I am ready for the merry-go-round for a little while!

Snow Day, Part Three

We are on Snow Day, Part Three (day 3 of missing school this week) here in the ozarks. :) We are doing lots of dress up this time around. It is COLD outside! Today they had a pretend Juicy Juice sale. ;) We seem to have an abundance of that so that was good. The good news about his girl pj's is that he is wearing boy underwear under them. He is usually commando (aka ballin' - Thanks a lot Daddy)!
 We spent a little time this afternoon playing in the snow. But it was too dry for a snowman. Sorry, Amy!! ;)

 Notice his tongue sticking out in the picture below. Lesson to Aiden: Don't do everything your sister tells you to do. (It didn't stick though, so that was good. ;) We didn't want to go all 'A Christmas Story' today.) Ha!
 Bella didn't really enjoy the snow...
 My little snow angels.
 More dress up. This is such a change! They are usually princesses! Yay for some boy dress up clothes!
 Spiderman girl.
 I finally figured out that they were front of the bubble maker. All while laughing hysterically. Weirdos!! But I have to admit, they have been pretty good about entertaining themselves in very short increments. ;)
 Backing up a little bit. We had a SUPER fun, spring-like, weekend. It was so nice and pretty outside - like in the high 60s. We also had one of Emma's friend's birthday parties. They were so excited to try out their new skates that they got for Christmas.

 And in the morning, Emma and Ella went to a Dance camp at the Junior High that I went to. ;) They are between the 2 WJHS Pom Girls.(Emma's in her Dream Team shirt.) They had so much fun and they are supposed to perform at a game tomorrow night, but it isn't looking good with all the snow!
Fun Times!!

Family Pictures

I just wanted to post some family pictures we had taken by Tonya Reeves this fall. I think she did a great job!
Evans Fam
 The cousins
 This one is my favorite!!
 Evans kiddos
 This was the goal of the whole thing...A family picture for Nanny. Aiden wasn't even born in the last one we had so we had to update a little!
 Awww... some more of the kiddos...