Thursday, January 20, 2011

More snow!

Here's for Amy!! Look, it even covered the grass this time!! SO .. it is our first Legitimate snow day of the year! Ha!


  1. It looks beautiful! And look at those smiles! 60's and sunny blue skies here all week. I SO missed the sun! It is heavenly!

  2. I love it!!!!! Now THAT is what I call snow :0. Not quite enough to cancel school for us, but a great amount for 'southern kids' who don't get to have much of the white stuff. (Poor, poor deprived children) Good for you for having all the snow gear, Leigh!

    Oh, and the new blog background and header are really fancy schmancy and cute!

    Enjoy the snow while it lasts.

  3. Yeah...what Amy said on the blog header and background. This place is looking real good! I think Beta Buddies could use a makeover! I don't know what the heck to do with it though.

    Love the snow. I would soooo enjoy having your kids over for an afternoon for skating and sledding in our backyard! They never cancel school here btw. At times it has snowed 12 inches and NOTHING. I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!! :)

  4. We had a snow day here too!! And ditto what the girls said about the really looks great!

  5. SNOW? What is this white molecule all over the place?

    I miss snow.

    Hey. I have CACTI :)

    Not as cool.

  6. I love all that snow! I just wish it was all THERE and not HERE! I bet the kids had a BLAST, tho! Fun times!

    I love your new "look"! So pretty! :)