Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Santa! Good grief they must have been better than I remember. Just kidding! They are really good kiddos!
 Please don't tell Dr. Lovell! He would kick our booties!
 Yay! I finally got a snuggie! :) And this was at 5:00am, just FYI. No sleeping in on Christmas for the Evans family. It's a tradition.
 Matt got a North Face computer bag. He loves that stuff!
 Mema passing out presents. At her house... We weren't sure she would be here with us this year. We are so thankful God gave us the miracle of her living.
 The boys (6am by now - wake up "Kuncle" Hugh!)
 Cousins!! Kaci, Kelsi, and Chas.
 Emma had been eyeing this "Long Present" in Nanny's backroom for weeks! She got to open it first. It was Barbie furniture! Lots of it! Yay!
 We got Nanny a family picture of us. She cried... It was good! ;)
 Aiden and Justin got spiders that crawl on the ceiling. Ewww!
 Daddy having some fun on Aiden's dirt bike (or "mota cycle")
 Aiden finally getting to ride. When he drove by, I heard him saying "vroooooooom". It was really cute.
 Wonder where he got it? Silly Daddy!
 Emma opted to stay in and play with her dolls.
 That night we went to Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy's house for Christmas dinner and they both got cute little puppets. We gotten lots of shows lately. :)
 We went blue with our tree this year for diabetes awareness. :)
 Here are some of our Orna-pods from the Houston family! Thank you Super Nate and Emma and Sophie! We love them!!
 I also wanted to take a picture of all of our cards from our new D-friends! We sure have been blessed with some awesome support this year and we are so very thankful for that!
Merry Christmas!!

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